Agriculture and Nutrition Science

Department of Agriculture & Nutrition Science Mission

Agriculture Science

The mission of the agriculture program is to offer all students the opportunity to understand the discipline of agriculture as an applied science and a model for the principles of bioeconomics. The program is closely allied to the concept of service to the agricultural community. Recognizing the diversity of agriculture, faculty will articulate partnerships with colleagues and programs across the university campus. The agriculture program demonstrates teaching excellence by maintaining a faculty of well-educated and experienced agriculturalists. The agriculture program promotes a strong, hands-on, structured learning atmosphere and provides opportunities for independent inquiry and scholarship of application by students.

Nutrition Science

The mission of the Nutrition Program is to involve students in meaningful educational experiences that provide the tools necessary to succeed as professionals in a wide range of health science careers.  This is accomplished by providing opportunities for original research, promoting engagement in the surrounding community, supporting real-life application through coursework, and encouraging the retrieval and dissemination of evidence-based information regarding health and nutrition across the lifespan.