Agriculture and Nutrition Science

Undergraduate Research

Faculty Mentors

A variety of opportunities exist for undergraduates to become involved in research within the department.  Students identify the type of research in which they are interested in pursuing and contact faculty members with relevant types of research interests to see if and how they may become involved in a project. 

Students who are highly interested in research and are willing to commit substantial time and intellectual energy to a project that will span at least two semesters are invited to participate in a structured research experience.

Be prepared, but not scared, to ask faculty members about their research.  All faculty members were undergraduates at some time, and many of them arranged their first research experience through this process.  Faculty members like to talk about their research!

The department strongly supports the involvement of undergraduate students in research through various mechanisms:

Enrolling in undergraduate research courses

  • Conducting independent research
  • Working on faculty member’s project
  • Participating in state/regional/national events

Here is a list of AGNS faculty members’ topics of research interests:

  • Chad Gasser
    Research Interests: Reproductive development and fertility in cattle and sheep, production efficiency of cattle and sheep, genetic evaluation, selection, and mating systems, animal health, animal behavior, economics of agricultural management systems, teaching and learning in agriculture
  • Artis Grady
    Research Interests: Sports nutrition, hydration status, breastfeeding, food safety and childhood nutrition
  • Matthew Schmidt
    Research Interests: Hydration status, sports nutrition, breastfeeding, weight management, energy expenditure, childhood nutrition
  • Dean Winward
    Research Interests: Irrigation, forage studies and weed control
  • Lee Wood
    Research Interests: Dominance hierarchy in horses, body temperature measurement in horses, and the impact of an equine program on the college experience

  • Research Interests: Body weight and weight satisfaction, energy expenditure, glucose metabolism, nutrition education, safety of water storage, potability of household water supplies, survey research on any nutrition topic