Cyber Security Faculty

Faculty Research by Professor

Our diverse faculty bring incredible experience to the Cyber Security program and the students at Southern Utah University. The faculty listed below directly service the cyber security program and courses in the CSIS Department. To view all faculty in the CSIS Department, please visit our Faculty Research Center page.

Dr. Rob Robertson (Department Chair, Computer Science and Information Systems)

Research Areas: Dr. Robertson's research focus is in the areas of network security, and forensics. Rob has presented at conferences on Vulnerability Assessment, Ethical Hacking, Risk Management, Security Auditing, Policies and Practices, and others. Rob's current research involves intrusion analysis, network forensics, and log analysis.

Photo: Rob Robertson

Dr. Dezhi Wu (Director - Masters in Cyber Security and Information Assurance)

Research Areas: Dr. Wu's primary research interests are in the areas of human-computer interaction, behavioral information security, healthcare information systems and mobile training and learning.

Photo: Dezhi Wu

Dr. Shalini Kesar

Research Areas: Her research and publications focus in the following areas: management of information security; computer crime; computer ethics, electronic commerce; and E-Government.

Photo: Shalini Kesar

Dr. Tim Ball

Research Areas: Dr. Ball received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rhode Island in 2010. His primary research interests are Computer and Network (Cyber) Security; Cyber Operations; Digital Forensics; Software Reverse Engineering; Cryptography; and Social Engineering. He is a former government civilian employee and has worked with the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency on all types of cyber-related projects. Dr. Ball remains active in the Information Security world and brings that experience to the classroom. He also advises students in the Cyber Defense Competitions Club as they prepare to compete in regional and national competitions.

Photo: Dr. Tim Ball

Professor Ryan Linn

Research Areas: Ryan has more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology, focused on Security. He has helped create a global security consulting practice; managed penetration testing and red teams; trained professionals and aspiring security practitioners; and has a experience with nearly every aspect of technology, including Penetration Testing, Database Administration, Windows and UNIX Systems administration, Network Engineering, Web Application development, Systems programming, and Information Security Engineering. He is currently directing advanced threat simulations and leading the Red Team for a Fortune 50 Financial enterprise. Ryan has delivered his research about ATM security, network protocol attacks, and penetration testing tactics at numerous conferences, including Black Hat USA, DefCon, DerbyCon, Shmoocon, and SecTor to name a few. He is also an open source project contributor for projects such as Metasploit, Ettercap, and the Browser Exploitation Framework. He is a published author of the book Coding For Penetration Testers, is a contributing author to The Browser Hacker's Handbook, and is currently working on the next edition of Gray Hat Hacking. Ryan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at North Carolina State University. Ryan participates in Twitter as @sussurro, and invites you to follow him there. Or, you can find his blog at

Photo: Ryan Linn