Computer Science & Information Systems

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CSIS Cohort Program

Program Objective

To ensure student success by forming groups of students who, under supervision, support, and advising of a CSIS faculty member, would be advancing through the program together. Cohort students will receive a laptop computer equipped with necessary software for their use while staying qualified for the Cohort Program.

Eligible Students

Computer Science and Information System students who have successfully completed CSIS 1410 or its equivalent if transferring.

Laptop Computer Policy

  • Cohort students will receive a laptop computer equipped with necessary software for their use while in the Cohort Program.
  • Students are liable for the loss and/or physical damage to their computer. In these instances, their student account will be charged with the replacement and/or repair cost of the equipment and corresponding software.
  • Students are liable for misuse of the computer, as outlined in the student handbook and the appropriate University policy.
  • Students will return the laptop computer to the CSIS Department upon completion of their degree. Failure to return the computer in operating condition will result in financial obligation and consequently their transcript and diploma will be withheld until such time that appropriate arrangements are made.
  • Students who complete the Cohort Program and their degree requirements will be eligible to purchase their computer and the installed software at a price determined by the University Information Technology Department in accordance with the established policies and procedures.
  • Students who are eliminated from the program must return the laptop computer promptly; otherwise, their student account will be debited with the value of a comparable replacement computer.

Cancellation Policy

Students are expected to follow the Department’s approved course sequencing under supervision of a faculty member, completing each course with a grade of C or better; otherwise, their status as a member of the Cohort Program will be revoked.

Students are expected to attend the meetings set forth by their faculty advisor. Lack of attendance without prior arrangement can result in their withdrawal from the Cohort Program.

Academic Requirements

New Member Requirements:

In order to join the CSIS Cohort Program, students must have passed CSIS 1410, with a grade of C or better. Students will be required to follow the CSIS course sequence thereafter to stay eligible for the program.

Existing Student/Transfer Cohort Requirements:

In order for existing/transfer students to join the CSIS Cohort Program, their transcript must be evaluated and according to courses passed, they will be grouped at the discretion of the faculty supervisor. Thereafter, the students must follow an agreed upon course sequence and complete their degree in a timely manner by passing the courses in their respective area (or their equivalent) with a grade of C or better.