Southern Utah Science and Engineering Fair

Science Fair Information for: Adult Sponsors

The Advisor:
Your job of advising students in their project is invaluable to the success of the science fair. Most projects do not fare well without the help and guidance of the advisor. As an advisor you should read all of the rules and regulations for science fair entries. Regulations include numerous forms that need to be filled out, many BEFORE any work begins on the project, what types of projects may be performed (those involving humans and other vertebrate animals require special forms and personnel), and the dimensions and composition of the entry.

Below are links to the forms required for entry and the regulations governing the Southern Utah Science and Engineering Fair. Please note that the Senior Fair and Junior Fair rules and entry forms are slightly different. Be sure you use the correct forms. The SUSEF Junior Fair is for students in grades 6-8. The SUSEF Senior Fair is for students in grades 9-12. Please have your student fill out the required forms and check each form for accuracy and compliance with the regulations.

Project Plan:
One of the most important parts of the project is the design of the experiment. A well designed experiment should have a specific question to answer. The results of the experiment should give an answer to the question. Avoid experiments that have many uncontrollable variables. For example, an experiment that seeks to see if sugar intake (as measured by soft drink consumption) makes children hyperactive would not give results by design. The soft drinks contain many substances other than sugar and it is doubtful if the rest of the children's diet could be controlled strictly enough to gain meaningful results.

Safety for both experimenter and subjects is paramount. The experiment mentioned above would raise concerns for the well-being of the human subjects involved. All projects involving human subjects, vertebrate animals, hazardous materials, and all microbiological research must be reviewed and approved by appropriate qualified experts. Please consult the rules for further information.

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