Southern Utah Science and Engineering Fair

Junior Fair Medalists, 2015

Category Name Name Title School
FIRST PLACE Animal Sciences Dylan Bjerregaard Aquatic Microorganism Gunnison Valley Elementary
Animal Sciences Sofia Crompton Thos Darn Birds Mont Harmon Junior High
Behavioral Sadie Webster how Reliable is Eyewitness Information Canyon View Middle School
Behavioral Kenna Johnson Red vs. Blue: Which Will You Choose? Canyon View Middle School
Chemistry Matthew Monson/Connor Childs How Much Salt does a Magnetohydronamic… Cedar Middle School
Chemistry Emily Anderson Rusty Reactions Delta Middle School
Earth Seth Compas Tardigrades Lava Ridge Intermediate School
Earth Emily Jespersen The Power of Poop Mont Harmon Junior High
Engineering Tyler Yoklavich Practical Sound Absorption Helper Junior High
Engineering Tayden Merrill/Jared Fairey Creating Electricity with a Kelvin Generator Vista Charter School
Math and Computer Science RyanWalton Get Password Smart Canyon View Middle School
Math and Computer Science Brynn Hart Polar Vortex Vista Charter School
Medicine Jared Winn What's on Your Skin? Canyon View Middle School
Medicine Jack Christensen Saliva pH and Health Mont Harmon Junior High
Physics Brayden Nielson To Stride or Not to Stride Delta Middle School
Physics Sydnee Evans Will You Bank that Shot Canyon View Middle School
Plants Cashly Curtis Fresh Flowers Canyon View Middle School
Plants Ethan Daniels Microwaved Water vs. Tap Water Mont Harmon Junior High
Product Testing Ellyn Ohmes Does Your Bread Have a Sugar High? Canyon View Middle School
Product Testing Parker Humes Can You Hear Me Now? Mont Harmon Junior High
SECOND PLACE Animal Sciences Dylan Swasey Maze Runner Mouse Edition
Animal Sciences Alexandra Cartwright Conservation of Mass in Chicken Development
Animal Sciences Eric Aikens Does Electronic Distraction Decrease Pain? Lava Ridge Intermediate 
Behavioral Aspen English Bilinguals and Word Recognition Monticello 
Behavioral Halli Van Lehn Does Your Mom Smell? Lava Ridge Intermediate 
Behavioral Kailey Gilbert Quack Attack Cedar Middle School
Chemistry Devrey McBride Lip Service Vista Charter School
Chemistry Cassidy Wilde/Aleah Horton Baking Soda and Vinegar Vista Charter School
Chemistry Audrey Godfrey Blood vs. Spit Lava Ridge Intermediate 
Earth Emily Sanders Paper Possibilities Delta Middle School
Earth Halle Romine Where's the Filter Canyon View Middles School
Earth Natalie Van Dyke Weather or Not
Engineering Skylar Reid How Does the Shape of a Parachute Affect Air Resistance Lava Ridge Intermediate 
Engineering Hayden Miller My Super Duper Awesome Submarine Science Project North Elementary School
Engineering Kenya Stapley Rocket Science Cedar Middle School
Math and Computer Science Katie Rubio I-20 Lava Ridge Intermediate 
Math and Computer Science Sydney Wyckoff Are Dice Random? Vista Charter School
Math and Computer Science Luca Nordquist & Brie Sunyich Short Step Vista Charter School
Medicine Jennifer Engle, Zoe Odom Digest This Vista Charter School
Medicine Sarah Sowards Battling Bacteria Canyon View Middles School
Medicine Torie Hammack Does Fear Affect Blood Pressure? Mont Harmon Junior High
Physics Carson Reynolds Stop that Bullet Minersville Elementary
Physics isaac Belnap Refraction Action Canyon View Middles School
Physics jacob Williams The Physics of Follow Through Mont Harmon Junior High
Plants Kylee Kranendonk The Effect of Liquids on Lentil Seeds Helper Middle School
Plants Rachel Zortman The Power of Words Canyon View Middles School
Plants Oliver Watson Hydroponics vs. Soil Lava Ridge Intermediate 
Product Testing Madalyn Steffensen Get Those Granny Fingers Gone Now Canyon View Middles School
Product Testing Emma Christensen Green Insulation Mont Harmon Junior High
Product Testing Patrick Kardelis Temperature vs. Speed and Accuracy of Paintball Helper Middle School
THIRD PLACE Animal Sciences Isaac Sandoval Where did the Color Go? Canyon View Middle School
Animal Sciences Lilian Pearcy/Sidney Rousseau Long Suffering Cedar Middle School
Animal Sciences Makayla Dunbar Dog Saliva Lava Ridge Intermediate
Animal Sciences Eric Peterson Which Bugs do Chickens Like Best? Cedar Middle School
Behavioral Shelby Reynolds/Karleen LeBaron/Ashlyn Limb Does Color Affect Taste? Minersville Elementary 
Behavioral Isaac Madsen Perceptions--What do You See? Vista Charter School
Behavioral Annick Tolman Teenage Stresses Vista Charter School
Behavioral Kasia Watson Did You Hear What I Said? Lava Ridge Intermediate
Chemistry Grace Belnap What Edible Substance Will Best Protect Apples Vista Charter School
Chemistry Alexa Brammer This Wick is on fire Lava Ridge Intermediate
Chemistry Luke Bryan Antioxidant Power Lava Ridge Intermediate
Chemistry Aspen Allred Carmelization Lava Ridge Intermediate
Earth Bubba Akins Water Purification Canyon View Middle School
Earth Carson tucker Water Filtration Gunnison Valley Elementary
Earth Broderick Pollmann Can You Stand at the End of a Rainbow? Minersville Elementary 
Earth Dalton Anderson The Effects of Vegetation on Soil Erosion Mont Harmon Junior High
Engineering Cash Schmutz To Winglet or Not to Winglet
Engineering James Bryner Sound Insulators Mont Harmon Junior High
Engineering Ethan Hunt Improving Solar Panels Lava Ridge Intermediate
Engineering Ashton Heit Shake it Off Canyon View Middle School
Math and Computer Science Mikinlee Roundy Video Games Effect Math Testing Canyon View Middle School
Math and Computer Science Jordan Slade Battle of the Programs Canyon View Middle School
Medicine Britt Dunnell salmonella Science Canyon View Middle School
Medicine Shelby Brindley got Gum? Canyon View Middle School
Medicine Brennon Brown The Need for Feed Lava Ridge Intermediate
Medicine Cody Spencer Get Up Sleepy Head Canyon View Middle School
Physics Jennifer Orlosky Tennis Anyone Canyon View Middle School
Physics Caleb Nelson/William Washburn Cardboard WiFi Cedar Middle School
Physics Eliesia Clark Kick a Better Ball Delta Middle School
Physics Katelyn Mumford/Serena Snyder Zoom Zoom Zoom Cedar Middle School
Plants Britnie Simcox Light vs. Dark Canyon View Middle School
Plants Gracey Mickelson How Does Salt Affect Growing Plants Gunnison Valley Elementary
Plants AJ Nobis Will an Elodea Plant… Vista Charter School
Plants Riley Bastian Flower Color Minersville Elementary 
Product Testing Jale Chamberlain Protect it, Tan it, or Burn it Valley High School
Product Testing Madison Helder Bacon Science Valley Elementary School
Product Testing Kaylee Hillyard The Milk Solidification Process Canyon View Middle School
Product Testing Zachary Styler Is Mature More Secure? Delta Middle School