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Algebra Bee
The SUU Math Club is holding its annual Algebra Bee on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 in ELC 301 from 4-6pm.  SUU students are invited to compete!

String Theory Seminar
Dr. Brandon Wiggins of the SUU Physics Department is giving a six-week series about string theory.  Seminars are on Tuesdays, October 25 through December 6, 2016, from 12-1pm in Sc 129.
Abstract:  Modern physics rests on the pillars of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, but it is impossible to use these theories together at very high energy or on the smallest length scales. If we wish to understand the universe near the moment of its birth, the character of the centers of black holes, or the fabric of reality on the finest level, a “theory of everything” is required.  In recent years, theoretical physicists have taken concepts from topology, differential geometry, linear algebra, group theory and differential equations to build a grand unified theory now called “String Theory.”  Its central assertion: the smallest particles of matter are composed of strings vibrating in a 10-dimensional space-time. In this seminar series, we explore the mathematics and claims of String Theory and provide an accessible introduction to a range of concepts in modern physics. This series will also introduce the math of general relativity, the problems arising from attempting to merge general relativity and quantum mechanics, the motivating math behind the bold claim of higher dimensions, and applications in inflationary cosmology. Series material is accessible and engaging for students and exposure to concepts in calculus II, linear algebra and differential equations is beneficial.

Free Math Tutoring for SUU Students

Peer tutoring in many subjects is available at no charge to SUU students at the Student Success Tutoring & Study Lab in ELC 204.

When Will I Use Math?

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The Department of Mathematics is committed to offering a well-rounded academic program that will enhance the lives of those who take its courses. The demand for mathematical knowledge and skills is high in both industry and education. In secondary schools, the two greatest shortages of qualified teachers across the nation are in mathematics and technology. Also, jobs outlook publications continually rate mathematics as one of the skills most in demand for college graduates, jobs in mathematics and actuarial science continually top lists in job satisfaction surveys.

Mathematics Department Mission, Southern Utah University 2015-2016 General Catalog

Student Learning Outcomes

Mathematics and Mathematics Education majors should be able to:

  1. Use standard mathematical techniques to solve computational problems.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental mathematical concepts and results in the core content areas.
  3. Use content knowledge to solve applied and real-world mathematical problems.
  4. Communicate mathematics effectively using proper notation and terminology.
  5. Use logical reasoning to construct clear and concise mathematical proofs.