Garth and Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History

Frehner Museum Staff

Jacqualine Grant

Museum Director

Jacqualine Grant has directed the museum since its opening in 2012. Dr. Grant is faculty in the Department of Biology where she teaches introductory biology, environmental biology, genetics, conservation biology, mammalogy, and fungal biology. She encourages experiential education in her classes. She brings a global perspective to the museum and her students through her service to the Society for Conservation Biology as Vice President for Education and Outreach. She enjoys the amazing scenery of southern Utah, and competing in arm wrestling and swimming at the Utah Summer Games.

Lauren Hardin

Chief Museum Assistant

A junior from Blythe, California, Lauren Hardin is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She is studying to become a pediatrician and loves helping run the museum and teach kids new things. In her free time, Lauren enjoys reading, exploring, and spending time with family and friends.

Michael Christiansen

Museum Assistant

Michael Christiansen is from Lehi, Utah and has lived there most of his live. Currently he is pursuing a degree in Biology at SUU and will one day be a doctor. He loves to learn and engage in challenging and new environments. He has previously worked at Timpanogos Cave National Monument as a Park Ranger and loves spending time in the outdoors. He is bilingual and speaks English and Korean. He also loves learning new things, playing guitar, listening to music, reading, and eating ice cream.

Haley Dixon

Museum Assistant

Haley Dixon is a sophomore from Payson, Utah. She is pursuing a degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Photography. She loves the beautiful scenery of Southern Utah and loves SUU even more. In her free time, Haley enjoys working out, napping, singing in the shower, and snowboarding. Haley’s favorite part of working at the museum is teaching and interacting with the children. But, she is terrified of feeding the tarantulas.

Madeline Crossley

Museum Assistant

Madeline Crossley is in her third year of earning her bachelor's degree in Biology. She has always loved science and is working towards a PhD in Infectious Disease Epidemiology. She is currently working on a leech research project in Microbiology. She loves to run and just ran her first marathon in October.

Gabrielle Selin

Museum Assistant

Joel Alvidera

Museum Assistant

Logan Correa

Museum Assistant

Logan Correa is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree with a primary focus in Biology and a secondary focus in Chemistry and Computer Science. He hopes to study genetics and conservational biology at a doctorate level once he graduates. Logan loves being outdoors and spends his free time during the summer hiking, camping, and kayaking all over Utah. His favorite part about working at the Frehner Museum is helping care for the animals that live there.

Olivia Frasier

Museum Assistant

Olivia Frasier is a freshman majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Business. She loves hiking, cooking, reading, and being outdoors. If she had one million dollars she would use it to travel around the world and learn about different cultures. Her favorite part about working at the museum is all the cool facts that she gets to learn! 

Brandon Hall

Museum Tour Assistant

Brandon Hall is a freshman from Las Vegas, Nevada working toward a degree in Hospitality Management. He hopes to one day own his own resort. When he isn't leading educational tours, Brandon loves to play music and watch movies.

Previous Staff


Lola Taylor

Assistant Museum Director

Lola Taylor is currently in the MFA in Arts Administration program at SUU. Her background is in theatre and dance, so working at the Frehner Museum has been an exciting and educational experience. She was born in Arizona, but has lived in Utah for most of her life. When she has free time, Lola enjoys singing, dancing, acting, swimming, reading, playing games with friends, and attending SUU sporting events. She loves working at the museum and immersing herself in the heritage and history of southern Utah. The silver fox, Canada Lynx, and dragonfly fossil are some of her favorite pieces in the museum.


Debora Cruz

Museum Assistant

Debora Cruz is originally from Southern California, but has lived in Utah for about 10 years. She has an incredibly energetic lifestyle and loves rocking climbing, archery, Mixed Martial Arts, and especially soccer. As a future anthropologist, Debora is entering a field that is just as active and educating as her everyday life. She thoroughly enjoys learning about the world around her and searching for answers to the life's frequently asked questions. Debora has learned so much about anthropology and other physical sciences while working at the museum.


Ryker Minks

Museum Assistant

Ryker is a sophomore from Honolulu, Hawai'i. He is majoring in History with a minor in Anthropology. When he grows up, he would like to be Indiana Jones. His favorite things in the museum are the fossils on the Jurassic Period shelf, especially the dragonfly. In his spare time, Ryker enjoys reading science fiction novels, cooking, target shooting, and researching topics that will never be useful on Wikipedia.

Mallory Petersen

Museum Assistant

Mallory Petersen is currently starring in her own reality television show called, "The Art Major and the Studio: Forever Inseparable." She is always in search of sleep, mac and cheese, and Hogwarts! Mallory feels she belongs in a different decade because of her love for wearing vintage and retro clothes she purchases from good ol' Deseret Industries. Her aspiration in life is to love something as much as women in commercials love yogurt. Oh, and she loves working at the museum!


Moriah Guy

Museum Assistant

Moriah Guy worked at the museum with Dr. Grant when it opened in Spring of 2012. She graduated with a degree in Zoology in December 2014. Moriah loved helping with the bi-annual teaching programs at the museum, as well as databasing and displaying the museum’s shell collection. After graduation, she worked at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido, CA. Moriah's photograph is of her feeding one of the San Diego Zoo giraffes. Moriah presently works at a pharmaceutical company in San Diego.


Delaney Peterson

Assistant Museum Director

Delaney Patterson worked at the museum from 2012-2015, and is currently in the MFA in Arts Administration program at SUU. In her free time, she is usually with her family and friends playing games, creating art, cooking, hiking, or watching sitcoms. Her favorite museum objects include the Silver fox, the Heyborne amethyst, and the Fremont bowl.