Physical Science

Chemistry Composite - Teacher Education Emphasis - Bachelor of Science

General Education Core

Core Course Requirements(must take MATH 1210**) 18
Knowledge Areas Requirement 19

University Requirements

BS Degree - Math or Science minimum requirement (12 hours)

Chemistry Requirements (40 hours)

CHEM 1210 Principles of Chemistry I 4
CHEM 1215 Principles of Chemistry I Lab 1
CHEM 1220 Principles of Chemistry II 4
CHEM 1225 Principles of Chemistry II Lab 1
CHEM 2010 Chemical Laboratory Safety 1
CHEM 2310 Organic Chemistry I 4
CHEM 2320 Organic Chemistry II 4
CHEM 2325 Organic Chemistry II Lab 2
CHEM 3000 Quantitative Analysis* 3
CHEM 3160 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry* 3
CHEM 3610 Physical Chemistry I 3
CHEM 3615 Physical Chemistry I Lab 1
CHEM 3620 Physical Chemistry II 3
CHEM 3625 Physical Chemistry II Lab 1
CHEM 4240 Analysis Lab 2
CHEM 4990 Chemical Literature / Seminar 1
PSCI 4900 Teaching Science in the Secondary School 2

Recommended Minor (21 hours)

MATH 1220 Calculus II 4
MATH 2270 Linear Algebra 3
MATH 3120 Foundations of Algebra and Analysis 3
MATH 3130 Foundations of Geometry 3
MATH 3700 Probability and Statistics 5
MATH 4900 Methods of Teaching Secondary School Mathematics 3
Electives (7 upper division hours, if math minor completed) 22
Total Credits, B.S. Degree 120

Comments: (1) It is recommended that students completing the secondary education chemistry major minor in math.  The math minor should reflect the requirements for the mathematics minor for secondary teachers.  (See Math; Minor  in the catalog).  (2) A grade of "C" (2.0) or better must be earned in each course required for the major. (3) This major requires the student to complete the coursework for the Secondary Teaching Certificate (see below). Consult the department of teacher education.  (4) This degree does not include the requisite numbers of upper division credit hours. Students completing this degree will fill the upper division requirement with their minor requirements or their Secondary Teaching Certificate coursework.  (5) All Chemistry Majors must successfully complete an exit exam before graduation.  Majors must consult with their adviser concerning their program schedule for the chemistry-education emphasis.

* Courses are taught every other year.  Please consult your adviser.

** If you are not prepared for this math course, please see your adviser for alternate recommendations.

Professional Education Requirements for Secondary Licensure

Required Credits:  30-31 minimum in Education
EDUC 2000 Exploring Education in Society* 3
SPED 3030 Foundations of Special Education 2
EDUC 3170 Instructional Technology for Educators 3
SCED 3200 Secondary Educational Psychology 3
4900 (methods of teaching course in the area(s) seeking licensure) 2-3
Secondary Block as noted below
SCED 3570 Motivation and the Management of Diverse Instructional Environments for Secondary Teachers 3
SCED 3590 Instructional Planning, Delivery and Assessment for Secondary Teachers 3
SCED 3720 Content Literacy 3
SCED 4520 Secondary Practicum/Seminar Clinical Practice (student teaching) is taken the semester prior to secondary block as noted below 3
SCED 4980 Clinical Practice 7
(Academic Department) 4980 Clinical Practice (student teaching in the content area(s) of licensure is taken the semester following the secondary block) 2
Total Credits 33-34

*Meets general education requirements in the interdisciplinary knowledge area