Physical Science

Mission / Goals / Outcome & Objective Statements

GIS Mission

As an interdisciplinary program, the GIS Program serves a variety of departments, degrees and affiliated entities throughout the SUU campus and surrounding communities. Central to the interdisciplinary nature of this program is providing access to spatial technologies accompanied with knowledge, theory, and hands on experience in order to foster a diversity of geographic research. Our mission is to prepare individuals to integrate spatial technologies into their chosen field of study by providing a learning environment that fosters undergraduate research and motivates individuals to develop required abilities. Students will be encouraged to gain further knowledge, increase awareness, and gain new perspectives in order to apply the science of geographic information.

The SUU GIS Program offers a Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies in Geographic Information Systems, a 1-2 yr GIS certificate and continues to focus on educating individuals in support of various programs. These programs include, but are not limited to, biology, geology, history, sociology and political science, business and marketing, engineering technology, agriculture, information systems applications, computer science, criminology, university studies, education and geography. In addition, the GIS Program provides service to the library, facilities management, university and departmental administration, and the local and regional communities. The strength of our mission relies on the diversity and interdisciplinary nature of spatial technologies, which demands that we aim at continually discovering new methods for pedagogical articulation on and off campus


GIS oriented and student centered goals are as follows:

  1. The goals of the GIS/GPS program are to prepare individuals for careers in their chosen field of study by increasing their ability to work with spatial phenomenon, enhancing their professional development through undergraduate research and service learning, and ensuring confidence through skill building and awareness of opportunities.
  2. The curriculum will provide high quality and current courses of study, implement new technologies and broaden offerings when and where appropriate.
  3. The program will encourage participation in and use of geographic technologies at many levels and strengthen the role of GIS throughout the SUU service region.

Outcomes & Objectives

  1. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and mastery of spatial technologies in their particular discipline.
  2. Students will have the opportunity to practice the principles of geographic information science through laboratory experience, undergraduate research, internships and additional outside of class activities and discussions.
  3. Students will have the opportunity to communicate the principles of geographic information science they have learned and practiced through oral and written means.
  4. Students will be satisfied with the learning experience afforded them by the division.
  5. Students will have the opportunity to be prepared for post-graduation options or meaningful and competitive employment opportunities.