Physical Science

Faculty Listing for GIS Support Courses

Multiple Staff Introduction to Computer Applications and the Internet CSIS 1000
Michael Grady Fundamentals of Programming CSIS 1400
Nathan Barker Object Oriented Programming (Java) CSIS 1410
Nasser Tadayon Advance Database Systems Implementation with DBMS CSIS 3200
Professional Staff Surveying and Global Positioning ENGR 2240
Professional Staff Advance Surveying ENGR 3244
Richard Cozzens Civil Design CCET 3670
Scott Hansen Computer Aided Design Using AutoCad

CCET 1640

Professional Staff Civil Design CCET 3670
Staff Engineering Technology Graphics CCET 1010
Scott Hansen Computer Aided Design CCET 1040
Scott Hansen Architectural Design CCET 3610
David A. Ward PC Hardware A+ Certification EET 2750
staff Technical Writing COMM 4240