Physical Science

Physical Science Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentors

  • Robert Eves
    Phone: 435-586-1934
    Office: SC 309B
    Research Interests: Low temperature geochemistry, sedimentology, stratigraphy, and research in southern Utah’s National Parks.
  • Bruce Howard
    Phone: 435-586-7930
    Office: SC 219
    Research Interests: X-ray crystallography of biological macromolecules.
  • Paul Larson
    Phone: 435-865-8244
    Office: SC 108
    Research Interests: Geography
  • Ty Redd
    Phone: 435-586-7904
    Office: SC 208
    Research Interests: Synthetic organic chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, asymmetric synthesis, molecular recognition, and host guest chemistry.
  • Hussein Samha
    Phone: 435-586-7909
    Office: SC 215
    Research Interests: Aggregation of cyanine dyes on nanoparticles of clay and in bilayer vesicles of phospholipids.  Electron and charge transfer in organized media of cyanine dyes and inorganic complexes.
  • Brent Sorensen
    Phone: 435-586-7707
    Office: SC 019
    Research Interests: Telescope making and telescope design.  Special relativity and cosmology.
  • Mackay Steffensen
    Phone: 435-865-8091
    Office: SC 212
    Research Interests: Organic synthesis of molecules with unique architectures.  Dendrimer, macromolecular, and small molecule synthesis.
  • Kim H. Weaver
    Phone: 435-865-8047
    Office: SC 216
    Research Interests: Non-point source pollution and gas emissions from confined animal operations.