T-Bird House Cup

This program is designed to help students become professional members of the community and work through challenging experiences. We are calling this program, The T-Bird House Cup. We hope that this program will benefit not just students, but also coaches and those facilitating the event.

The T-Bird House Cup is simple. We have split up the teams into four houses. These houses will “compete” to win the T-Bird House Cup. The houses are listed below as are the different categories in which teams can earn points. This program will be going on while you prep for Science Olympiad and at the actual event as well.

Here are the four categories points can be earned in:

  • Mutual Respect - While professional competition is healthy for character building, we need to do so without any crass language, ill-intent, or verbal/physical confrontation to opposing sides or event staff/judges.
  • Helping Hands - Even though people may be different or pitted against each other, we are all still humans, made from the same dough, and helping opponents is a measure of true strength.
  • Punctuality and Preparation - In the real world punctuality is key, so is being prepared. As future leaders in our communities and nation we should learn and practice the lost art of punctuality.
  • Integrity - Honesty is key to being a professional member of the working community. We hope that through Science Olympiad students will develop this character trait.

These are core values that are looked for not only here on Southern Utah University’s campus, but throughout the professional community.

View the House Cup Points System description for specific point break downs and an in depth explanation. This is the first time attempting a program like this, so we ask for your patience in return for ours.

Full House Cup Announcement and Team List