Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Science & Engineering

S-STEM Scholarships Application

Background: The National Science Foundation has awarded SUU an S-STEM Grant which will provide a total of $100,000 for 15 student scholarships this academic year. Under appropriate fulfillment of academic requirements, this may be a continuing, yearly scholarship up to a student’s graduation.

The scholarships to be funded are for students with demonstrated academic talent and financial need in the fields of Biology/Zoology/Botany, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, and Mathematics. Students targeted will be first-generation college graduates (neither parents nor grandparents having earned a baccalaureate degree), minority student, and other students with demonstrable financial need.

This program is designed to eliminate  the need for off-campus employment that could inhibit a student reaching his/her highest academic potential. It can be granted as supplemental to other scholarships or awards already attained. If you are awarded money for this scholarship, in place of working outside of SUU you will be required to attend seminars and be given other extra-curricular exposure and assignments to improve academic learning.

Also targeted are those who plan to graduate and work or attend graduate school in one of the STEM fields mentioned above. Pre-professional students (students who plan on attending medical or dental school) and those planning an emphasis in education will not be considered.

Initial Information: Please provide the following information. Please note that any information will be verified before any scholarship award is given.

Other requirements: After the first round of applications has been considered, finalists will be asked to provide two letters of recommendation for the award.