Robotics: Battle of the Bots

Location: Southern Utah University Student Center Ballroom

Two competitions in one place!

Competition 1: Battle of the Bots

  • The students will be tasked with programming their robot to do all of the following: Eight Directions, Avoid the Line, Follow the Line, Solve the Maze, and Tank Hockey. Details on each individual program are listed below. Points will be awarded for each program based on how well the program is executed. The robots should be built to fit inside a 12x12x12 box.
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  • If you would like to participate but do not have the money to buy your own robot, SUU Electronics Engineering department has available kits (however, they are limited, so first-come-first-serve).
  • Task 1: Eight Directions
    • Your Robot should be able to execute eight separate directional commands. Assuming that you have two individual motors driving your robot, they should operate individually. The Directions are as follows: Both motors forward; Both motors backward; Spin clockwise; Spin counterclockwise; Pivot robot (engage just one motor forward then backward while the other is stationary)
    • Judging: Judging will be based on whether the robot can execute all eight commands smoothly. It is encouraged that each direction the robot moves last about one second each with brief pauses during transitions.
  • Task 2: Follow the Line
    • For this program the robot should be able to follow a black line of electrical tape placed on a solid white surface. The board will have numerous 90 degree turns and even different, rounded curves. If you have any questions, please refer to the video for help.
    • Judging: Judging will be based on whether the robot can correctly follow the line on the track and will be required to make 2 laps around without error for full points.
  • Task 3: Avoid the Line
    • This program could be viewed as the opposite of the “Follow the Line”. The idea is to make your robot avoid going over edges our “out-of-bounds”. A circle will be drawn with black electrical tape and your robot should be programmed to stay within the bounds.
    • Judging: Judging will be based on how many times your robot steps out of bounds while “roaming” for a duration of approximately 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Task 4: Solve the Maze
    • Your robot should be able to navigate through a maze and determine when it has reached the end. Hint (the “left-hand rule” will help solve any maze)
    • Judging: Judging will be based on whether or not the robot completed the maze and with how much efficiency.
  • Task 5: Tank Billiards
    • Your robot should be programmed to push certain objects off of an area similar to the “Avoid the Line” environment. Your robot will push a ball or puck off the track without going off the track itself in a given time.
    • Judging: Judging will be based on how many objects where cleared from the area in a 30 second time period (time is subject to change).

Competition 2: Freestyle

  • This competition is based on creativity and has essentially no programming constraints. Let your bot show off for the judges.

For additional information, please contact:
Scott Carlile – Contest Supervisor/Professor