SURF: Relic Recovery Rematch

Location: Southern Utah University Ballroom

Number of Teams: No Cap

SURF stands for "Southern Utah Robotics FIRST." SURF is comprised of three levels of FIRST Robotics competition. SURF: Relic Recovery Rematch brings FTC teams back together in their post-season for a head-to-head battle to be the best.


  • It’s Relic Recovery with a twist:
  • No autonomous (unless demanded by a majority of teams)
  • Your bot can carry as many blocks as you like.
  • You can put non-glyph objects in the glyph boxes.
  • Go ahead the throw the relic into the recovery zone.
  • Your call: you can email us with other rules you would love to break this year. We’ll add to this list as your suggestion come in. We do reserve the right to leave out rules that could result in bodily harm.

For additional information, please contact:
Laurel Dodgion & the SUU WMG College of Science & Engineering Leadership Board – Academic Enhancement Coordination/Rematch Supervisors