Tech Fair


Location: Southwest Tech Welding Lab, 757 W 800 S.

Number of participants: 16 maximum

Competition Start Time: Approximately 9:00 am

  • The mandatory Safety Briefing will start promptly after the students arrive. Due to time constraints, contestants not present at the start of the safety briefing will be ineligible for participation in the competition.

Competition End Time: 12:00 pm


  • Contestants will be evaluated and judged on their performance on two separate weldments. One weldment will be prepared for SMAW and another for GMAW-S.
  • Scope of Contest:
    • All contestants will participate in the required safety briefing.
    • Contestants will be shown a video of the weldment being prepared (in GMAW-S only), they will also be provided a drawing of the weldment. Completed samples will be available to view.
    • Students will don all required PPE and will wear the PPE the entire time they are in the welding lab. All PPE will be provided.
    • Contestants will split into two groups; one group will complete the SMAW process first with the other group completing the GMAW-S first.
    • All materials, tools and equipment will be provided.
    • Technical advice on the specific welding power supplies will be provided. Contestants should ask for direction on any equipment they do not understand from a contest administrator.
    • Materials will be available for practice welds. Contestants will need to keep in mind the time constraints and that booth time may be limited for each weldment.
    • Weldment will consist of the following welds on 3/16” plate:
      • 1 each 2F lap joint
      • 2 each 2F 3-pass “T” joint
      • 1 each 2G square groove joint with an open root
      • 1 each 4F lap joint
      • SMAW will be completed utilizing E6010 or E6011, 1/8” electrode
      • GMAW-S will be completed utilizing ER70S-6, .035” with 100% CO2 shielding gas
    • After completing the first process, contestants will clean up their area and move onto their respective second process area.
    • After the completion of a weldment, it will be marked with the contestant’s registration number and placed on the judging table.
    • All weldments will be judged by a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). Ties will be broken by the senior SWT CWI.
    • Judging Criteria (Visual Inspection Only, AWS D1.1)
      • Weldment assembly
      • Weld bead placement
      • Weld bead size
      • Weld bead profile
      • Weld bead appearance
      • Penetration
      • Distortion
      • Discontinuities
      • Defects
      • Exclusions

Safety Requirements:

  • Contestants will maintain a safe and mature attitude while in the welding facility.
  • Contestants will not use personal electronic equipment (MP3 players, cell phones, etc.) while in the welding facility.
  • Contestants will wear all PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at all times while in the welding lab.
  • Contestants will need to wear cotton (jeans), wool or leather pants which fully cover their legs. Frayed clothing or clothing with holes which do not completely cover the skin will not be allowed.
  • Sturdy shoes or boots which completely cover the foot. Leather sneakers are OK, canvas or plastic are not. Sandals or slippers will not meet the requirements.
  • Leather jackets, gloves, safety glasses and welding helmets will be provided. Contestants may bring their own PPE, but it must meet the approval of the contest administrator.
  • Contestants will be removed from the competition for failure to wear all PPE or acting in an unsafe manner to themselves or others at the discretion of the contest administrator.
  • Contestants who tamper with equipment or otherwise interfere with another participant will be removed from the competition.

Equipment and Materials:

  • All safety equipment (PPE), shop equipment and materials will be provided.
  • Material: A36, 3/16” plate precut into 4” x 1 1/2” coupons.
  • Power supplies: SMAW 150 class (DC), GMAW 250 class.

For additional information, please contact:
Jim Riley – Contest Administrator/Southwest Tech Welding Program Coordinator