Build a Bot Workshop

You’ve never built a robot !?!
Why not?
This is your chance. No prior experience or skill is required.
There is nothing holding you back!

Workshop Description

Duration: 2 hours

Required Materials: None. All materials will be supplied.


  • Learn some basics of C++ programming using the Arduino IDE
  • Learn how to build simple circuits using a breadboard
  • Learn the basic principles about how servo motors work.
  • Use cool tools like 3D Printers, a CO2 laser, or a CNC router to create parts.

The Challenge

Participants will learn to make a 4-axis robotic arm using recycled materials, an Arduino Uno, and servo motors. The robot will be programmed to run in an autonomous mode as well as a tele-op mode using joysticks. Robots will then compete in a challenge to most efficiently move objects from a storage area to receiving areas.

There is no good reason that you cannot make a robot!

Come and Learn!