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VR/AR Innovation Studio

Our Mission

The VR/AR Innovation Studio is an inclusive, collaborative space that encourages experimentation, play, and research with virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies. Our goal is to educate students and faculty about these emerging technologies and how they can be integrated into the higher ed classroom.

Our Goals

  • Establish a campus-focused VR/AR Innovation Studio where students and faculty can try various VR/AR hardware and software that can be utilized in the classroom
  • Source off-the-shelf content and implement it in our university classrooms
  • Learn the pipeline of developing VR content
  • Create a VR/AR classroom where teachers can bring their classes for demonstrations, labs, and more hands-on lessons.
  • Formulate and teach at least one semester long class about VR/AR and its applications in their future careers.
  • Discover other avenues to implement AR/VR, such as virtual campus tours, virtual marketing materials, potential research opportunities, etc.
  • Provide a professional workshop where faculty and other USHE institutions can learn more about VR/AR and will develop curriculum for their current classes
  • Establish an VR/AR club on campus to create opportunities for students to take advantage of our hardware and software.
  • Join the national and international conversation on VR/AR by hosting, attending and presenting at tech conferences.


The Center for Teaching Innovation