Responsibilities of BIT

Primary Responsibilities

BIT is a threat management and assessment team. Its primary responsibility is to identify and defuse future threats to the SUU community by:

  • Receiving and investigating reports of Threatening, Concerning or Bias Related Behavior;
  • Analyzing those reports to determine whether an individual is a danger to themselves or the SUU Community;
  • Intervening and reducing the danger that individuals pose to themselves or the SUU Community;
  • Documenting the reports it receives and its outcomes/results; and
  • Meeting Regularly.

Secondary Responsibilities

In addition to managing reports of Threatening, Concerning or Bias-Related Behavior, BIT is also responsible for:

  • Coordinating with appropriate authorities, including law enforcement, medical personnel, and other external agencies;
  • Implementing reporting protocols and developing strategies to encourage reports from the SUU community; and
  • Keeping appraised of best practices and participating in periodic training in threat assessment and management.