SUU Assessment & Intervention Team

Report a Concern

SUU Assessment and Intervention Team

Who We Are

The SUU Assessment and intervention Team (SAIT) was designed to support the University’s effort to prevent harm by identifying and mitigating future risks presented to our campus. Our efforts will work to identify and address student, faculty, and staff behaviors that are disruptive to the University mission and goals.

What We Do

SAIT utilizes a multidisciplinary team to review, identify, and develop specific intervention/prevention strategies. We analyze information to identify discerning patterns and follow up appropriately. SAIT will provide training for University students, faculty, and staff to help identify concerning behavior.

Share A Concern

Concerns can be shared via phone or through the online reporting form. We are available for phone consultation, but will ask that you then provide information via our online reporting form. To share a concern via phone to the Dean of Students and SAIT, please call 435-586-7710. Please call SUU Police if there is an emergency or immediate threat at 911.

The SAIT Team