The CDI supports nine diversity clubs who facilitate opportunities to mingle, serve, succeed in the classroom, and celebrate culture. Join in the fun! ALL students—regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.—are welcome to participate. Simply contact our officers below.

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African Union Club

Members of the African Union Club

The African Union Club is dedicated to promoting a better knowledge and understanding of the African continent and its culture in the Southern Utah Community through cultural events, special panels, discussions, and field trips. And hopes to facilitate the engagement and integration of SUU students with the African culture. African Union Club is non-religious, non-political, and open to anyone who is interested in learning about Africa's countries, cultures and resources.

Asian American Student Alliance

Members of the Asian American Student Alliance

The mission of the Asian American Student Alliance (AASA) is to inspire, empower, and unite Asian American students. The alliance aims to educate the community regarding challenges faced by Asian Americans. Our mission is to build an inclusive community focused on the social and educational growth of its members.

  • Meeting Time: every other Monday at 6:00pm
  • Contact: AASA President David Nguyen at
  • Instagram: suu_aasa

Black Student Union

Members of the Black Student Union

The mission of the Black Student Union (BSU) is to improve student relations, offer community service, and promote awareness and appreciation of culture and diversity. BSU is a social support and educational awareness club that is open to everyone who is interested in African-American culture.

  • Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 6:30 PM in ST 101
  • Contact: BSU President Rachel Trane at
  • Facebook: BSU SUU
  • Instagram: suu_bsu

Latine Student Alliance

Members of the Latinx Student Alliance

The mission of the SUU Latino Student Alliance is to create a sense of community among Latino and non-latino students at Southern Utah University. We strive to achieve success among our members through service projects, academic improvement, and social events. LSA will participate in activities that embrace and celebrate all Latin American nationalities and cultures. We will help to support our LSA club members become leaders and scholars of SUU.

  • Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 6pm in ST 101
  • Contact: LSA President Tralei Casaus at
  • Instagram: suulsa

Middle East Club

Members of the Middle East Club

This club aims to shed light on the existing culture in the Middle East, including customs, traditions and way of life. It will also highlight the arts, popular tourist locations and how to get there.

Native American Student Association

NASA Club Officers

The mission of the Native American Student Association (NASA) is to provide social, cultural and academic support and enrichment for SUU's Native American and other students who are interested in further understanding and promoting American Indian issues. It also seeks to interact and partner with other university clubs, organizations or tribal entities in order to serve the greater community.

Pacific Islander Student Association

Members of the Pacific Islander Student Association Club

SUU Pacific Islander Student Association is dedicated to sharing our Pacific Islander heritage. While pursuing our education in the classroom and within the club, we hope to bring purpose to our families, communities, and those around us. We also strive to foster an inclusive environment in order to bridge that gap of ignorance between both club members and the general student body here at Southern Utah University. Our club members will have the opportunity to learn about our culture through the various activities that we will host throughout the year. Through song, dance, and learning, we hope to provide a home away from home for our members and a cultural understanding for our student of non-Pacific Islander descent. Any person regardless of color, race or creed is welcome and encouraged to participate in activities.

  • Meeting Time: every other Monday at 7pm
  • Contact: Pacific Islander Student Association President Sashjah Kahawaii at
  • Instagram: suupolyclub

Pride and Equality Club

Members of the Pride and Equality Club

The purpose of PAEC is to provide education and awareness on Queer issues, encourage positive change within our community, and provide service within our organization, on campus, and throughout the community.

Dreamers Advocacy Collaboration Alliance (DACA)

Members of the Pride and Equality Club