Services Available from CDI


The Center for Diversity and Inclusion has staff on site from Monday-Friday from 8 AM-5 PM to help connect students to campus resources like academic advising, career counseling, and financial aid. To make an appointment to meet with a CDI staff member, please call 435-865-8761 or email

Multicultural Scholarship Information

For current multicultural scholarship information, please contact us at 435-865-8761 or follow us on Facebook at SUU Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

Study/Lounge Space

The CDI provides space and computers to study, lounge, or conduct meetings.

Diversity Club Spaces

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is home to five diversity club spaces. All are welcome in these spaces!

  • African Union Club (AUC), 101 F
  • American Asian Association (AASA), ST 101 E
  • Black Student Union (BSU), ST 101 F
  • Latinx Student Alliance (LSA), ST 101 D
  • Native American Student Association (NASA), ST 101 C
  • Pacific Islander Student Association (POLY Club), ST 101 E
  • Pride and Equality Club (PAEC), ST 101 D
  • Undocu Migrant Alliance (UMA), ST 101 C