Resources for Undocu/DACAmented Students

Statement from the CDI

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is committed to advocating for our undocumented students, staff, and community members. We believe in creating an environment where undocumented people are acknowledged as full citizens and empowered with the resources necessary to thrive. As a Center, we resist any actions contrary to the health and success of our immigrant communities.

To our undocumented students, please know you belong here. You are supported, you are valid, and you are not alone. We look forward to working alongside you.

College Guide for Undocumented Students

Students Guide to College

Advocacy and Support

College Protections

University Resources

Primary Points of Contact

For current resources for undocumented and DACA students, please contact

Relevant Policies

HB 144

HB 144 is a state law that allows qualified undocumented students to pay in-state tuition rates if they attend a Utah High school for a minimum of three years and graduate from a Utah high school. To see if you or someone else qualifies, please review the HB 144 Waiver Request. If you have any questions or to submit your HB 144 waiver, please contact Jessica Casagni at or 435-586-7735.

SB 253

SB 253 is a state law that allows undocumented students to apply for and receive privately funded scholarships administered by a Utah public college or university. This enables undocumented students to apply for privately-funded scholarships; however, some scholarships do not specify if they are private or public, please reach out to the scholarship contact to determine eligibility.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

All CAPS services are confidential and free to SUU students. CAPS provides individual and group counseling, wellness workshops, and psychiatric services to students, faculty, and staff. CAPS strives to create a safe and welcoming environment for students of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, genders, gender identities, mental and physical abilities, national origins, races, religions, sexual orientations, sizes and socioeconomic statuses.

To schedule an appointment, call 435-865-8621.

Incident Report

If you face an incident of discrimination, prejudice, or any (micro)aggressions, please report it to the Division of Student Affairs.

Financial Resources

We are dedicated to connecting undocumented students with the resources available to cover their educational and living expenses.


The Center for Diversity and Inclusion frequently seeks funding opportunities to provide scholarships for undocumented students. Those opportunities will be posted here.

University of Utah Dream Center Scholarships: Sign up for the Dream Center’s scholarship updates

Dreamers Road Map is a national non-profit app that helps undocumented students find scholarships to go to college

National Resources

United We Dream

United We Dream empowers people to develop their leadership, their organizing skills, and to develop our own campaigns to fight for justice and dignity for immigrants and all people. This is achieved through immigrant youth-led campaigns at the local, state, and federal level.

Accessing the American Dream: Pursuing College as an Undocumented Student

Discover how to make higher education a reality as an undocumented student from tackling roadblocks and finding affordable housing to educating yourself on the laws and policies that matter to you

 The Best Schools 

Workplace Resources

Different professions have varying requirements concerning lawful immigration status or background checks, which may present challenges for undocumented students. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is dedicated to helping students navigate the career obstacles undocumented students face.

If you currently hold a DACA permit, the following articles can help clarify your employment rights:

Entrepreneurship Resources for Undocumented People

While documentation status may present a variety legal and social obstacles for young entrepreneurs, it is not impossible to lead successful, thriving businesses as an undocumented person. Immigrants Rising provides webinars and other resources for undocumented entrepreneurs.

Careers in Healthcare Resources for Undocumented People

Pre-Health Dreamers (PHD) is a rapidly growing network and community of over 800 health career bound undocumented students across 42 different states, representing various career interests. PHD investigates and shares information on career pathways for pre-health undocumented students as well as advocates for more progressive institutional and governmental policies for undocumented students.