Beverley Taylor Sorenson College of Education & Human Development

Dean's Office

Shawn Christiansen
Interim Dean
Phone: (435) 865-8171
Office: ED 318

Mikki Shakespear
Admin. Assistant IV, Licensing Coordinator
Phone: (435) 865-8320
Office: ED 338

Allen Butt
Budget Manager
Phone: (435) 586-7800
Office: ED 314


Welcome to the Beverley Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development at Southern Utah University.  Established in 1897, SUU was the first teacher training institution for southern Utah and holds a rich heritage in education pre-service and postgraduate programs.  Over the past 117 years the institution has continued the tradition of providing quality, well-prepared teachers, equipped to teach nationwide through undergraduate Professional Teacher Education Programs.  The college’s academic programs meet the high standards of state, regional and national accreditation. 

In addition to undergraduate programs, the College of Education and Human Development, through the department of graduate studies, offers a Master in Education (M.Ed), Administrative/Supervisory License (LEAD Program) and also provides teaching endorsement programs in Reading, ESL, Computer Science & Technology, Gifted & Talented, Elementary Mathematics, Elementary Science, Visual & Fine Arts, and Library Media in conjunction with the School of Continuing & Professional Studies.

While overseeing teacher education programs, the Beverley Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development also offer degrees in Family Life and Human Development.  These degrees prepare students for counseling work and other family service professions.  Additionally, the college collaborates with the College of Humanities and Social Science, the College of Science and Engineering, the College of Performing and Visual Arts, and the School of Business to address specific academic content.

Please accept this invitation to explore the many options for students preparing to meet the demands of the teaching profession or the enhancement of new strategies, best practices, and continued improvement in our post graduate programs.

Shawn Christiansen, Interim Dean

 "Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery.”

   -  Horace Mann