Field Services Office


Welcome and thank you for visiting the Field Services Office website.  The Field Services Office is part of the College of Education.  We are responsible for organizing the placement, supervision, and grading of all teacher candidates, teacher candidate interns, and administrative interns that come through Southern Utah University’s Department of Teacher Education

The Student Teaching experience at Southern Utah University is the culmination of professional training and course work.  It is a critical requirement for licensing and must be successfully completed before professional teaching credentials can be acquired.  We place over 100 students each semester state-wide and nationally. 

This website provides much of the necessary information regarding Southern Utah University’s Field Services Office.  Our objective for this website is to provide you with up-to-date information and easy access which will make the process of student teaching an enjoyable one.  Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Betty Ann Rember
ED 323
(435) 865-8685