Field Services Office

Academic Content Supervisor



Initial Visitation/Observation
  • Make face-to-face contact with School Office personnel, Administrators, Mentor Teacher, and Teacher Candidate for the initial visit and observation.
  • An initial visitation/observation should be completed within the first three weeks of student teaching.  Check teacher candidate’s schedule to verify that times, and content areas you represent are being taught.
  • At the secondary level, at least 50% of the assignment must be in the major.  They must have the same load as mentor teachers, but no more than three different subjects prepared.  If not, contact the Field Services Office immediately at (435) 865-8685.  Collect their daily schedules.
  • Check to see that the student teaching assignment is working satisfactorily.  If not, please contact the Field Services at (435) 865-8685 to discuss the situation and begin a process to remedy it.
Guidelines for Both First and Second Observation/Visitation
  • Observations should be for the entire length of the class period being observed.
  • Observations should not be made if the teacher candidate has not completed a satisfactory formal lesson plan prior to observation.
  • Discuss visitation/observation procedure, lesson plan expectations, and evaluation methods following the observation with the teacher candidate.
  • Student Teaching Observation Forms must be completed and filed with the Field Services Office within one week following visitation.
  • Look for transitional problems as well as other instructional areas of concern.
  • Document the strengths and weaknesses of the teacher candidate.
  • Observations include written documentation for the quality of the teacher candidate’s lesson plan and instructional delivery.
  • The Student Teaching Observation Forms are designed to help the teacher candidate.
  • These forms do not go into the teacher candidate’s permanent credential file.  They are filed in the Field Services Office.
  • You may not observe all of the items on the form at each visit.  Address only those that apply to the observation.
  • Attach anecdotal notes and comments you would like to share with the teacher candidate to help her/him improve their teaching.
  • Observation documentation must be signed by the university supervisor and by the teacher candidate.
  • A copy is to be given to the teacher candidate and university supervisor.  The original and one copy must be sent to the Field Services Office no later than one week following visitation.
  • Observations must be followed by a timely post observation conference with the teacher candidate (face-to-face, by phone, or other interactive form of communication).
Final Evaluation – Student Teaching Evaluation
  • After you complete the Final Evaluation Form, conference with the teacher candidate and mentor teacher to review the evaluation.
  • The original and one copy of the Final Evaluation Form must be sent to the Field Services Office.  The original will be sent to the Academic & Career Development Center to be added to the teacher candidate’s credential file.  Many districts will not consider teacher candidate’s applications for employment without this form.