Field Services Office

Student Teaching Information

The goal of Student Teaching is to provide field experiences to help teacher candidates develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to help all students learn.  It provides student teachers with a practical real-world teaching experience in which they can practice implementing effective teaching practices, behavior and disposition standards.

This experience is carried out under the close supervision of a mentor teacher and one or more university supervisors from the Department of Teacher Education & Human Development and other departments as appropriate.  This is a critical requirement for licensing and must be successfully completed before professional teaching credentials can be awarded.

We are committed to a high quality student teaching experience that prepares educators for the job market.  We are also committed to promoting and maintaining standards of excellence that meet College, Department, University, State, and National competencies. 

Placement Criteria:

  • The school district’s needs and upon having sufficient numbers of mentor teachers and subject/grade availability.
  • Placement requests for districts that are not identified as cooperating districts will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  No placements will be made in such a district unless supervision requirements and arrangements are met.
  • Out-of-state application must be completed and discussed with the Field Placement Coordinator six months to one year prior to student teaching.  Any additional costs incurred by the placement will be the responsibility of the student teacher.

Applications must be submitted to the Teacher Education & Human Development Department Chair (ED 318) by the dates specified below.

Semester Applying For Student Teaching Due Dates
Spring Semester Second Tuesday of September, prior to spring semester placement
Fall Semester Second Tuesday of February, prior to fall semester placement

Student Teaching Requirements:

  • All course work will be completed prior to student teaching.
  • Secondary applicants must submit evidence of a passing score on an appropriate PRAXIS Content Area test for the content area in which they seek a license (see secondary department for passing scores).
  • Elementary Education applicants must provide evidence of a passing score on the PRAXIS Elementary Education Content Area Exercises test (see elementary department for passing scores).
  • Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.0 for the previous two semesters to qualify for the Block and Student Teaching.
  • Criminal background check must be submitted and cleared by the BCI and FBI.
  • Teacher candidates must receive a unanimous recommendation from all block professors to proceed to student teaching.

All Elementary and Secondary teacher candidates will be assigned to their student teaching placement for 60 days.

Registration of Classes

The Field Services Office will automatically register all students who are eligible and have a current application on file.  However, students are responsible to make sure they have been registered for the correct semester and the correct classes.

Any teacher candidate withdrawing from Student Teaching after registration and/or placement has been accepted will be required to withdraw through the Registration Office, will forfeit Student Teaching fees, and must contact the Field Services Office.