Graduate Studies in Education

Administrative Licensure Program - Admission Requirements

Master of Education Degree/ Utah Administrative Licensure Program (42 credits)

Utah Administrative Licensure Program (33 credits)

To begin courses in the: Complete all admission requirements by: Once admitted, the applicant may register for classes approximately:
Summer April 15 of the same year During the second week of March of the same year
Fall July 15 of the same year During the fourth week of March of the same year
Spring November 15 of the previous year During the fourth week of October of the same year

Early registration is important to make sure the courses fill and are not canceled due to low enrollment. Classes with less than twelve students will be canceled two weeks prior to the beginning of the term.

For acceptance into each program, applicant’s documents and requirements are submitted to:  

Shelley Dahlin, Program Specialist
351 W. University Ave, ED 319
Cedar City, Utah  84720
(435) 865-7968

Documents submitted are retained by the university.

Admission Requirements for Administrative Licensure

  • All applicants must participate in a mandatory orientation presentation. 

Applicants are responsible for submitting the following:

  • Graduate application and non-refundable graduate application fee. All required information must be completed. You must submit an online application at
  • Two  (2) letters of recommendation are required. One of the recommendations must be from your present administrator/principal. One of the recommendations must be from someone who has worked with you in an administrative or supervisory capacity. When completing an online application, applicants will need to provide an email address for each reference. A recommendation form will be generated and emailed to each reference, or if they choose, they may also write a letter and upload it through the admissions page. The letter must be current, on letterhead, signed and dated. It is the applicant's responsibility to verify that each of the references has submitted the reference back to SUU.
  • Provide Official Transcripts from ALL institutions of higher education. Official transcripts must bear the institution's seal, Registrar's signature, and may not be faxed or copied.  If degree was earned at SUU, copy of transcripts is not required. Official electronic transcripts are preferred when possible.
  • Show evidence of a GPA of 3.00 or higher, calculated on the last 60 semester hours.
  • A copy of your current Level II teaching license. Or you may submit the “credentials” tab from CACTUS verifying your teaching license. If you have a teaching license from a state other than Utah and are interested in this program, please contact Shelley Dahlin for additional information.
  • Three (3) years of successful teaching experience. You may submit the “assignments” tab from CACTUS or a letter from the appropriate district(s) for verification. The letter must be an original, current and on letterhead, signed and dated.

Contact information: (435)586-7968, Fax: (435) 865-8485

The Utah State Rule for administrative licensure, S R 277-505, requires a Level II Utah teaching license or equivalent in order to receive the Utah Administrative License. Applicants are accountable for verifying with USOE that the current teaching license is equivalent and acceptable.

Programs, requirements, policies and procedures are subject to change.