Graduate Studies in Education

Emma Eccles Jones Education Building

Emma Eccles Jones Education Building For over 100 years, Old Main was the seat of education on the Southern Utah University Campus. As the 21st century dawned, Old Main no longer accommodated college of education instructional or office needs. Teacher education courses in the Beverly Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development are now taught in the new, state-of-the-art Emma Eccles Jones Teacher Education Building, which was occupied during the first two months of the Spring 2008 semester. The approximate cost for the new building, including design fees, furnishing/equipment, construction, landscaping, etc. was $16,000,000. The University’s plan for a new Teacher Education Building focused on the integration of technology into teaching and learning. The education building houses all faculty presently assigned to the Department of Teacher Education and Human Development and the Department of Graduate Studies in Education. The new building will also serve as the Center for Best Practices in Teaching and Learning with emphases on math, science, and technology instruction.

In the new building, students and faculty utilize the following:

  • Eight State-of-the-Art Mediated Classrooms and Seminar Rooms
  • One State-of-the-Art 40+ Station Computer Labs
  • An Arts Education Center
  • Two Conference Rooms
  • A 100+ Seating Mediated Auditorium
  • A Lobby/Student Work Areas
  • The COEHD’s Center for Best Practices in Education
  • An Educational Resource and Production Center for Students and Faculty
  • Forty Offices for Faculty and Administration
  • Six Storage/ Copy/ Work Rooms
  • A Completely Wireless Environment for Electronic Access