Graduate Studies in Education

Financial Assistance

The University may have options for financial assistance. Please go to the SUU Financial Aid website for information.

SUU Financial Aid is also tied to federal financial aid, which requires completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Federal financial aid is restricted to those earning a degree (M. Ed. in our program) or an additional education license (administrative/supervisory, secondary, elementary, or special education).

If you receive financial aid, you may have specific requirements on the number of credit hours you must take during the semester (halftime), and these hours must be taken at the 6000 level or higher to qualify. They must also be in a program that ends in a degree or additional license (not endorsement). Therefore, if your program is for an endorsement only or for professional development, you would not be eligible for Federal Financial Aid. Also, you must notify the grantor of your financial aid when you register for classes or they may revoke your aid. Please contact the SUU Financial Aid Office (435) 586-7735 if you have questions or for more details.