Graduate Studies in Education

Master of Education Degree

The SUU College of Education offers a Master of Education Degree, which requires a minimum of 36 credit hours of coursework. Coursework consists of 24 credit hours of required core courses and 12 credit hours of elective courses. Graduate students may also choose to complete one of the endorsements offered as the elective credit towards a Master of Education Degree; including Reading, Mathematics, Library Science, English as a Second Language, Educational Technology, Gifted and Talented or Science. In some cases, a specific endorsement is offered as part of the degree through a partnership with a local school district. Up to 12 hours of transfer credit from another accredited Institution of Higher Education may be considered for credit towards the Master of Education Degree, as long as they meet the policy requirements for transfer credit.

All core coursework for the Master of Education Degree must be completed within six years of the semester in which coursework commences. Transfer courses or courses taken prior to admission cannot be older than 10 years at the time of program completion. All transfer credits must have prior approval.

  • To be considered for Graduate Studies in Education programs, all appropriate admission requirements must be met. (Forms)
  • Current graduate tuition information is on the SUU tuition page.
  • Current financial assistance information is on the financial assistance page.

Graduate students must earn a 3.0 GPA each semester and maintain an overall 3.0 GPA. If the overall GPA falls below 3.0, the student will be placed on probation. The probation must be cleared in the next semester in which the student enrolls for classes. Failure to do so will result in removal from the program.  A 'C' (including C+ or C-) grade is not acceptable. If a student earns a 'C' in a course, the course must be retaken in the next semester in which the student enrolls in graduate course work (this may not be the next semester due to scheduled offerings of courses).

Due to the rigorous nature of graduate studies, students must have special permission from the Graduate Studies in Education Office to enroll in more than six (6) hours/credits during fall or spring semesters. Students may enroll for no more than 12 hours/credits during the summer (no exceptions).

Information regarding the completion of a Masters of Education Degree, including project/thesis proposal writing can be examined in the Master of Education Capstone Handbook. The templates for the thesis project are also available. Similar information, including portfolio writing can be viewed in the Master of Education Portfolio Capstone Handbook. The templates for the portfolio can also be viewed.

College graduation requirements are on the graduation requirements page and must be completed by the required deadlines. Information regarding participation in graduation ceremonies, held at the end of the Spring semester each year, can be found at the commencement site.