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Center’s Main Goals (Philosophy)

We believe that children are the most important part of our center.
This, however, does not preclude that we are a laboratory school and must address the needs of our university students. Often your child will be observed and studied by the students as part of their course work. As a part of their study, the students may ask you for a parent conference in order to prepare a more complete case study about your child.

We believe in meeting the needs of the whole child and we strive to provide for each area of development: physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. We believe in the individuality of children and that there are appropriate times and places for each child to participate in small and large group experience. We believe that children need and deserve to be guided in ways that will help them become healthy and well adjusted individuals.

Policy on Health and Safety

It is our desire to keep the children and adults at the center as healthy and safe as possible. We need your cooperation. If your child has symptoms of illness (runny nose, red or runny eyes, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) he should stay at home. Home rest will help to prevent the spreading of illness and help your child regain his health.

When a child becomes ill at the center, he will be isolated as much as possible, and the parents or designated person will be called to come and get him. Parents will be notified of any communicable or serious illness of children or adults at the center. Before a child returns to the center after having a communicable disease the parent should check with a doctor to assure that return is safe for the child and others. For the benefit of all the children, please make certain that your child's immunization record is up to date. Parents are asked to report allergies, cultural restrictions and strong dislikes to the director.

The children will be outside most days and should be properly dressed to avoid becoming sunburned, wet, too hot, or too cold, depending on the weather. We believe that children who are well enough to be at the center are well enough to be outside a portion of the time; therefore, all children will participate in outdoor activities.

Children are supervised in their indoor and outdoor activities; however, accidents may occur. In any case, parents (guardians) will be notified of any accident and its circumstances. If the accident is minor, the center staff will handle it and either call to report the incident or report it when the child is picked up. The parent, staff member or both can then decide if the child needs medical attention. In case of serious accident, our first action will be to obtain the needed help; the second action will be to notify the parents. Parents should notify the center of the times (1) when the child is not to be at the center and (2) when the parents will not be at the regular address or phone number, so that they can be reached at all times.

The minimal tuition fee does not include accident insurance; therefore, the Parents Release form must be signed and submitted prior to enrollment.

Policy on Discipline

Developmentally appropriate guidance shows respect for each individual child. We believe that discipline is any action taken by the adult to change a child's behavior. Our discipline system focuses on the use of positive guidance and setting and maintaining reasonable limits.

We try to use measures that show love and kindness, but firmness and consistency. Our ultimate goal is for the child to develop self-regulation, the ability to understand and learn how to manage one's emotions and behaviors in different demands of the situation. We do not allow children to hurt themselves or others intentionally or to destroy property. If punishment is determined to be necessary for repeated misbehavior, limitation of privileges or limitation of space (exclusion from the group) are the specified methods.

Delivery and Pickup of Children


Arrival: Departure
Between 8:55 and 9:00 a.m. Between 11:25 and 11:30 a.m.


Arrival: Departure
Between 12:25 and 12:30 p.m. Between 2:55 and 3:00 p.m.

The drop off area at North Elementary will be on the east side of the building. We must encourage you to use extreme caution for safety purposes.

The adult accompanying the child to the center should come into the classroom to insure safe arrival. Please take particular care if your child enters the school either earlier or later than the specified times. School staff does have other obligations outside the specified times, or the class itself may be on an educational excursion away from the school, so please speak directly with a member of the staff to acknowledge your child's entry into the group.

Please bring and pick up your child during the indicated times. Because our staff members have responsibilities in addition to being in the classroom, they will be unable to attend to your child during times other than those specified. If you cannot meet the indicated times, please arrange for another person to do so. Paying a late fee is not an acceptable alternative. Because of safety and liability, we will release a child only to authorized persons so be sure to list those persons on the enrollment form who are authorized to pick up your child.

If you must make emergency changes, please phone the center to inform us of the change and allow us to prepare your child for the change.


Parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from the center.  We will be happy to assist with addresses and phone numbers of children who attend simultaneously and encourage carpooling. However, we do not accept the cost or legal responsibility of transporting children.

Field Trips

Are usually done on foot, within a safe distance of the School.  Parents, if you would like to participate in any of our excursions, please let us know, we would be happy to have you join.

Payment of Fees

Fees for one Semester are $500/$450 for five mornings/four afternoons per week. They are to be sent to the SUU cashier's office. Make the checks payable to SUU. Full payment of fees can be paid at the beginning of the semester or fees can be paid at the beginning of each month.

Sharing Time

Sharing Time is basically our version of Show & Tell. We believe that children need experience using verbal skills in a group setting. This is the main reason for sharing time. Sharing Time is usually scheduled every Thursday. If you are bringing in a special item or pet please check with the head teacher to verify the time for a specific day.  

Toys From Home

The center has many appropriate play materials for the preschool age children. These materials can help the children learn to share, trade, initiate activities and plan ahead. We therefore request that toys not be brought from home. They cause problems when they become lost or broken. Sharing items must be kept in the child's cubby at all times other than sharing time.

Snacks and Food

A snack is served during each morning and afternoon session. If your child has food allergies or cultural restrictions, be sure to inform the head teacher. Many curriculum presentations include or involve food; thus, children tend to eat frequently, and they will be encouraged to try new things. Parents who wish to bring a food treat should make prior arrangements with the teacher.

Birthdays and Holidays

Some holidays are beyond the comprehension of young children. When we celebrate a holiday at the center, we design concepts and activities that give the children more experience and understanding of the holiday. Generally there will be no special requirements of parents. Children are welcome to share treats with their peers on holidays if you so choose.

The most important occasion for a child is his own birthday. If the child's birthday occurs within the semester he attends, we will honor him by singing as a group. Parents who wish to send treats may do so. Plan for approximately 35 participants. For those children who have birthdays during the summer we will specify the "unBirthday" date. Usually the last week of school for their special celebration.

Basic Daily Program

Because we are concerned about the total well-being of the child, we plan daily experiences to enhance the whole child. Our curriculum provides for each child's individual and group needs through varied activities using methods of art, literature, science, visitors, excursions, food, music and crafts.

Staff and student helpers carefully plan each day's activities into a general routine: self select time emphasizing fine motor and cognitive development, two structured activities centered on the weekly topic, free play using gross motor skills, snack time, and sharing time.

Activities may occur inside or outside and vary from one day to the next.

Visitors to the Center

We welcome parents to our center. We would appreciate their reporting to the head teacher before entering the group, except when they are bringing or picking up children.

Due to lack of space and planned curriculum materials, siblings, young friends and relatives of enrolled children cannot participate in the group activities.

Requests for Parental Input

We strive to be current, perceptive, and thorough in the services we provide at the center. Parents are encouraged to discuss concerns with the staff or head teacher. Suggestions will be thoughtfully considered and implemented whenever appropriate or possible.

Dress Code for Children

The children will play freely, be more independent, and be happier in clothing that is comfortable and easily laundered.

Children should wear clothing that protects them from the sun in the summer, cold in winter, and moisture when necessary. Mittens and boots are a must for snow days!

We provide aprons as a covering for each child and we try to see that clothes are protected during messy or wet activities; however, children still may get paint on their clothing. Therefore, we ask that you send the children in play clothing because the paint may not always wash out. In anticipation of the times when clothes may get wet or soiled, we require a change of clothing to be kept in the child's personal locker. This seems to minimize the child's distress and embarrassment if changing clothing is necessary. The child's name should be placed in all outdoor clothing and in the change of clothing.

Children are required to wear shoes to protect their feet from injury and cold. "Flip-flops" are not permitted as they hamper walking and make running and climbing dangerous. Therefore, if you send your child in sandals, please make sure they have a strap across the heel. (Tennis shoes are preferred.)

Parent Meetings/Back to School Night

There will be a Parent Meeting/Back to School Night each semester. Please try to attend. The dates and times will be given at a later date.