Department of Teacher Education & Family Development

Department of Teacher Education & Family Development

Elementary/Secondary Education

The goals of the department are to develop teachers/educators who:

  • Are academically competent in subjects they are to teach
  • Have a broad background of general education and appreciate the value of both liberal arts and science in modern society
  • Have a working knowledge of the historical and philosophical foundations of education
  • Have a sincere belief in the dignity of the individual and have compassion and empathy
  • Have a working knowledge of effective classroom management and the skills of teaching
  • Realize that teaching is both an art and a science
  • Realize that America is a culturally diverse society and have a commitment to multiculturalism and pluralism
  • Provide students with action based, experience rich learning opportunities

Family Life & Human Development

The goals of the FLHD program are to develop practitioners who:

  • Are grounded in a strong foundation of early childhood development, developmentally appropriate practice, human development over the lifespan, marriage and family relationships and family services
  • Exhibit skills to work with young children and individuals and families across the family life cycle in a wide variety of settings
  • Demonstrate an interdisciplinary understanding of education and practice and how to best serve children and families
  • Promote and practice sensitivity to the diverse cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds of the children and families they serve
  • Define and maintain personal values and professional ethics as they relate to serving children and families

Programs accredited through Council for the Accreditation of Educational Preparation