Department of Teacher Education & Family Development


In order to teach in Utah, students must obtain a Level I license, issued by the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) indicating the proper major and grade level they are qualified to teach.  SUU offers courses leading to the following Licenses:

  • Early Childhood Education License (licensure grades K-3 only)
    Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and completion of 18 semester credit hours of Early Childhood coursework (see link to catalog  Two blocks of Student Teaching are required (one in a kindergarten and one in a primary grade 1-3, if placement is available).
  • Elementary Teaching License
    Valid in grades 1-8.  Bachelor’s degree with an Elementary Education Major and one area of concentration is required.  To teach outside of core classes in grades 7 and 8, a Secondary Teaching minor is required.  Coursework must include two blocks of student teaching (one in grades 1-3 and the other in grades 4-6).
  • Elementary License for a Secondary School Teacher
    Students with academic training with a major/or in at least one subject taught in most elementary schools who would like to get an Elementary License, please consult the Education Advisor.
  • Physical Education Endorsement (valid Grades 6-12)
  • Secondary Teaching License for an Elementary Teacher
    Must complete a teaching major or composite major in subjects taught in secondary schools and approved by the Utah State Board of Education
    Complete 6 hours of professional coursework in Secondary Education, plus
    Academic 4900, SCED 3720, SCED 4520, SCED 4980
  • Secondary Teaching License (Valid grades 6-12)
    Students must complete teaching major or a composite teaching major in one or more of the University’s academic colleges. 
    Professional education coursework, Student teaching
  • Family and Consumer Science Licensure (This program is not being offered at this time)
  • Special Education Mild/Moderate License
    Bachelor’s Degree and Special Education Mild/Moderate Resource coursework are required with Licensure in either Elementary or Secondary
    Permits the holder to teach mild and moderately handicapped students with intellectual or behavioral handicaps or learning disabilities