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PRAXIS TESTS - Test Requirements for Teacher Candidates

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Why take the PRAXIS tests?

The Utah State Office of Education recently joined its counterparts in 35 other states in requiring the PRAXIS tests for initial teacher licensure (Utah Level 1).

Which tests will I need to take and how much do they cost?

The Praxis exams required will depend upon the content area (major) and grade level you are preparing to teach. If you are an elementary education major you will need to take the PRAXIS II Content Area Assessment for elementary education.  In addition, you are required to take the elementary (grades K-6) PRAXIS PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching) exam.  Both exams are required in order to graduate.  PLEASE NOTE:  The Elementary Education Praxis content exam is a multiple section test.  You must pass all sections of the exam within the same exam number, and cannot use passed section scores from within the old exam and the new exam collectively.  This can be confusing.  Please contact Shirley Wilson in Teacher Education at or via phone at (435) 586-7802 if you have questions.

If you are a Secondary Education student you will be required to take the PRAXIS II Content Area Assessment for your major. If a content area test is not available in your major area of study, contact the Licensing Coordinator at 435-865-8320. Secondary students are also required to take the PRAXIS (grades 7-12) PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching).  If you do not take the PLT exam you will not be eligible for licensure.

Please note that it is your responsibility, not the college's, to make sure you sign up for and pass the correct test.
The test requirements for licensure in the state of Utah can be found by visiting the ETS site via the link below:

Utah PRAXIS requirements:

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What is Covered on the Tests?

The Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) test is designed to assess a beginning teacher's knowledge of a variety of job-related criteria. The examinee will answer seven multiple-choice questions requiring analysis of features of each case and will respond to two short-answer questions related to problems posed in each case history. Questions may require the examinee to do any of the following: demonstrate understanding of the importance of principles of learning and teaching underlying an aspect of teaching, recognize when and how to apply the principles of learning and teaching underlying an aspect of teaching. Each case history, with questions, will require approximately 30 minutes. In addition, the test contains 24 discrete multiple-choice questions covering an array of topics.

The Elementary Education Content Knowledge test is designed for prospective teachers of children in primary through upper elementary school grades. The 120 multiple-choice questions focus on four major subject areas: language arts/reading, mathematics, social studies, and science. Test questions are arranged in the test book by subject area. Each of the four content areas constitutes 25% of the test.

The Praxis II: Subject Assessments are two hour tests designed to measure your knowledge of the subject matter and teaching skills needed for each certification area. These assessments measure candidates' knowledge of the subjects they will teach, as well as how much they know about teaching that subject.

You can learn more about the specific tests by reviewing the Tests at a Glance booklet in each relevant content area. Tests at a Glance booklets include content outlines, sample questions with rationale for the best answers, and test-taking strategies. You can review and download the Tests at a Glance information from the ETS Web site (

When and Where Do I Take the Test?

Beginning July 1, 2005, all elementary students must pass an appropriate Praxis II Content Area test prior to admission to the Elementary Block. Secondary students must pass an appropriate Praxis II Content Area test prior to Student Teaching. To see the current schedule, go to

Where Should I Have My Scores Sent?

The Praxis Bulletin lists a code for each organization approved by ETS to receive scores. In addition to having scores sent to SUU and the Utah State Office of Education, you should list the code for each additional certification agency or college you want to receive your scores. You will receive your own report and you are entitled to have four score reports sent to the certification agencies or colleges you choose. It is to your benefit to keep copies of your score reports in your personal education file as will charge you for replacement copies.

What If I Don't Pass the PRAXIS?

Candidates must pass the PRAXIS Content Assessment prior to admission to the Integrative Studies (Block) portion of the Professional Education Program. Unit faculty will work with candidates who fail the content test to develop a professional growth plan aimed at addressing deficiencies identified by the assessment. Candidates who complete the plan may retake the content test and reapply for the Block the following semester.

Utah state law requires that beginning teachers pass the PRAXIS II PLT within three years of entry into the profession in order to receive a Level II license to teach. Taking the PLT test, is a requirement of the Elementary Education Program in order to graduate. However, failing the PRAXIS PLT will not prevent a candidate from completing the Professional Education Program or from graduating from SUU. Both Elementary Education and Secondary Education students must take the test as it is a requirement of the college in order to be recommended for initial Level I licensure.   The test is required primarily as a program assessment tool to identify strengths and weaknesses of beginning teachers produced by the Unit.

The Elementary Education Praxis contains four sections (Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science). Sections can be taken individually so the whole test will not have to be retaken if only one section is failed. All sections must be passed before credit will be given.

SUU faculty are committed to your success as a teacher and will work collaboratively with candidates who fail the PRAXIS PLT to develop a plan to guide their professional growth during their first year of teaching.  For further information regarding the PRAXIS II tests visit the ETS web site (