Department of Teacher Education & Family Development

Special Education (Mild/Moderate) Dual-Licensure (K-12)

Teacher Candidates must be admitted to the Professional Teacher Education Program to begin the Special Education program in the fall semester and finish the program in the Spring Semester. Classes must be taken in order and students wishing to certify in Mild/Moderate Special Education at SUU must also be certified in elementary or secondary education.

The SUU Mild/Moderate Special Education program is a very carefully sequenced program. The program is limited to 35 students per group who start each sequence of classes. New sequences of classes start each Fall semester.

Continued enrollment in the Mild/Moderate Special Education program is contingent on the maintenance of a “B” grade or better in all classes in the program.

Must be admitted to the College of Education

Course Number Course Title Credits
SPED 4100 Programming & Management  (Fall) 3
SPED 4110 Special Education Law (Fall) 3
SPED 4120 Applied Behavior Analysis & Management (Fall) 3
SPED 4130 Curriculum Strategies  (Spring) 3
SPED 4145 Collaboration & Transition Planning  (Spring) 3
SPED 4160 Report Writing  (Spring) 3
SPED 4170 Issues in special Education  (Spring) 3
  Total Credits 21

Must take PRAXIS Special Education Content Knowledge Test (155 passing score) per USOE.