Red-Handed Awards: You've Been Caught Red-Handed!

Red-Handed Awards

Every week, T-Fit personally delivers Red-Handed Awards to the individuals nominated by their fellow Thunderbirds. The Red-Handed Award is an immediate recognition of both common and random, as well as small and considerable displays of Quality Service by an individual.

There are multiple recipients of Red-Handed Awards every week. The nomination process has no deadline; it is ongoing and unlimited.

Nominate Someone

Each recipient gets a little treat and a notice of their nomination with details of who nominated them and why, as well as thanks and congratulations for BEING CAUGHT RED-HANDED giving excellent service to others within the SUU community.

So, whenever you catch an employee or student-employee, red-handed, doing something a little extra - randomly or regularly, small or large - recognize them, and thank them with a Red-Handed Award nomination.

Past Red-Handed Award Recipients

“No one ever attains very eminent success by
simply doing what is required;
it is the amount and excellence of what is over and
above the required, which determines
the greatness of ultimate distinction.”
~ Charles Francis Adams

Nomination Examples:

  • David McGuire was nominated to receive a Red-Handed Award one week by a co-worker who noticed how David just naturally and inconspicuously picked up trash as they conducted a walking-meeting across campus one afternoon.
  • During the Festival of Excellence, there was a major scheduling conflict. Kyle Bishop stepped up and took the initiative to make sure all the presenters were notified of the new location of each of their sessions. Kyle’s willingness to make this resolution happen quickly saved so many others on time and stress.
  • Andrea Masterson received an incomplete check, but instead of just returning it, she made a couple of calls and tracked down who the check belonged to.  Because of the agency the check was from, conducting this successful investigation was no easy feat.  But Andrea’s quality service ended up helping a student, a co-worker, and alleviating unnecessary worry for a mother.
  • Two student employees in IT - Connor and Tusar - were recently acknowledged and thanked for helping  a fellow Thunderbird beyond what was required. They not only moved a computer and phone for an employee relocating offices; set everything all back up just the way she wanted and needed it; and hooked her up to the new building’s printer; they also set up her accessory hardware, and even brought over to her, the last box remaining in her old office.