About T-Fit

The Wellness Program for SUU Employees

T-Fit Logo

T-FIT is for the employees of SUU, facilitated by a wellness coordinator and promoted through a caring and positive campus culture of healthy living.

WHY WELLNESS? SUU, as an institution and as a cohesive group of co-workers and friends, cares about you and your holistic health. T-Fit is about helping our co-workers and friends lead healthier, happy lives.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is to provide opportunities and resources for making healthy living choices in pursuit of holistic wellness—that is, harmony of body, mind and, if you will, heart and soul.

T-Fit strives to support employees in achieving their highest potential for well-being in their life and health, including physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, nutritionally, occupationally, financially, and socially.

CONTACT Renee Ballenger, our wellness coordinator, to find out how to register for T-Fit challenges and wellness coaching, and what’s on tap on the schedule of T-Fit events.


  • activity groups
  • educational lecture series and electronic resource library
  • weight management support group
  • Professional wellness coaching
  • Seasonal wellness challenges and celebrations
  • Annual health screening and risk assessments.