Professional Information


Ph.D. in Zoology, Oregon State University

B.S. in Biology, University of Puget Sound

Postdoctoral research

Landscape and Conservation Ecology, University of Washington

Research Interests

I study the effects of environmental stressors on animal populations.  I work mainly with

amphibians, but I also work with various bird and reptile species as well.

Current student projects

Summer 2010

Fall 2010

Representative publications

Blaustein, A.R., S.C Walls, B. A. Bancroft, J.J. Lawler, C.L. Searle, and S.S. Gervasi. 2010. Direct and indirect effects of climate change on amphibian populations. Diversity 2: 281-313.


Lawler, J.J., S. Shafer, B. A. Bancroft, and A.R. Blaustein. 2010. Projected climate impacts for the amphibians of the western hemisphere. Conservation Biology 24(1): 38-50.

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Bancroft, B. A., N. J. Baker* and A. R. Blaustein. 2008. A meta-analysis of the effects of ultraviolet B radiation and its synergistic interactions with pH, contaminants, and disease on amphibian survival. Conservation Biology 22(4): 987-996.


Bancroft, B. A., N. J. Baker*, C. L. Searle, T. S. Garcia and A. R. Blaustein. 2008. Larval amphibians seek warm temperatures and do not avoid harmful UVB radiation. Behavioral Ecology 19(4): 879-886.


Bancroft, B.A., N.J. Baker* and A. R. Blaustein. 2007. Effects of ultraviolet B radiation in marine and freshwater systems: a synthesis through meta-analyses. Ecology Letters 10(4): 332-345.

Blaustein, A.R. and B.A. Bancroft. 2007. Amphibian population declines: evolutionary considerations. Bioscience 57(5): 437-444.