ENGL 4110: Literary Genres: American Naturalism

Spring 2014

Course Description

ENGL 4110 is an in-depth seminar in a specific literary genre. Possible subjects include the novel, modern
poetry, film, drama, literary realism/naturalism, nature writing, non-fiction prose, visual narratives, and
memoir. This section of ENGL 4110 will expose students to key masterworks of American naturalism
through the deep study of landmark novels, their critical reception, and vital related issues and ideas,
including Darwinism, atavism, industrialization, and the crisis of masculinity in the United States.

Course Meeting Times and Location

TR 8:30–9:45 a.m.
BC 301


Course Resources

Essay Grading Rubric

Essay Assessment Sheet

7th-ed MLA Citations

7th-ed MLA Works Cited Page