Joy Sterrantino teaches English composition at Southern Utah University, where she created and teaches the 2010 Writing About Big Brother and the English 2010 Writing About Video Games courses. Her interests in video games include the prominence of the dystopian genre, the creation of fictional cultures, and game structure as a means of motivation in higher education. She is also slated to teach English 2030, Imaginative Literature: Science Fiction in Spring 2016. She is currently the faculty senate parliamentarian and is the advisor for The Guild (the Geek club) and the bellydance club.

Professor Sterrantino earned her BA in English with minors in theatre and music from SUU and her MA in English with emphases in composition, Early Modern literature (in particular Shakespeare's works), and utopian/dystopian literature from The University of Texas at Arlington.

Her favorite Shakespeare plays are The Merchant of Venice and Hamlet. Her favorite TV shows are Doctor Who and any crime show. Her favorite video games are the MYST, Portal, and Bioshock series. Yes, her name is Sicilian; no, her family is not in the mob.

Publication: "Authorized Discourse at the Kenilworth Entertainments" by Joy Sterrantino

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