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Initially, I simply listed about 10 of my favorite films thinking this would be an interesting bit of personal information for my students to get to know me better.  Turns out the interest in my academic credentials is dwarfed by the overall interest in my favorite movies.  Who knew?  Anyway, for this reason I have chosen to expand my list of favorites into a few distinct categories.  They are listed below with links to each category.  I welcome a healthy debate on any of these films!


All Time Favorites

Guilty Pleasures

Movies I Hate, But Everyone Else Seems to Love Them


I also used to participate in a weekly radio show on SUU's Power 91 (with DJ Angie Smith).  The show was called "Movie Time with Kevin Stein" (I know...great title!) and features discussion on a variety of movie topics.  I was once told I have a face for radio, which I'm pretty sure is not a compliment.  Hopefully, my soothing monotone voice and our stimulating content will leave you riveted.  Click on the desired podcast below to listen on the web or to download from iTunes to your preferred gadget. 










List of Shows (Click on the link above to listen or download):

Movies We Hate with a Passion (11:48)

Best and Worst of Superhero Movies (15:43)

The Indiana Jones 4 Disaster (19:14)

Buddy Movie Clichés (19:25)

All Things Kevin Bacon (11:45)

Embarrassing Guilty Pleasure Movies (11:38)

Scary Movies-Halloween Special (19:14)

Animated Movies (22:06)

"Movie Time" Awards the Comedy Oscars (23:40)

Chick Flicks and Tear Jerkers (23:23)

The Under-Appreciated Guy Movie Genre (26:23)

Best and Worst Christmas Films of All Time (26:24)

The Great Spielberg Showdown: Kevin v.s. Tony (29:03)

Good Guys, Anti-Heroes, and Stupid-Heroes (22:40)

"Movie Time" Picks the Best Bad Guys and Villains (27:51)

Films Making Way Too Much and Films Making Way Too Little (26:30)

The Bill Murray Special Edition (28:00)

Best and Worst Movie Presidents-Presidents Day Special (27:42)

The Great Science Fiction Showdown: Kevin v.s. Tony II (30:56)

Reese Witherspoon: America's Sweetheart? (27:34)

Movie Line Mania (35:58)

Sports Movie Playoff: Kevin v.s. Tony III (40:45)

Great Films of Martin Scorsese-with Special Guest Craig Stein (44:07)