Center of Excellence for Teaching & Learning

About the CETL

The Southern Utah University Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL) promotes excellence in teaching and supports faculty learning inside and outside of the classroom. The Center offers routine and needs-based training, facilitating workshops and roundtables, coordinating Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs), and administering a variety of faculty academies throughout the academic year.

Faculty are encouraged to stop by to discuss pedagogy, get feedback on a syllabus, or to arrange a class visit or observation exchange.

Center Office Hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
N/A Janice 12-3 pm Tony 8-10 am Janice 12-3 pm Matt 1-3 pm

Faculty Development Support Fund

Faculty Orientation

  • 15 weeks Fall Semester
  • Meet once per week

Professional Development

  • Extended Faculty Orientation
  • Engaged teaching (active learning) workshops


  • SUU Online
  • School of Integrative & Engaged Learning
  • Sponsored Programs, Agreements, Research, & Contracts
  • Office of Employee Engagement
  • If you would like to be a partner, call or email CETL

For more information contact CETL:
Office: AD 303G