Center of Excellence for Teaching & Learning

New Faculty Orientation

First, over the summer, all new faculty at Southern Utah University (SUU) receive a “Welcome” message along with supporting documents and resources:

Then, once on campus, new faculty will participate in a series of meetings during the fall Welcome Week, including a dedicated New Faculty Orientation session.

Finally, throughout fall semester, new faculty will meet weekly in small groups (Faculty Learning Communities) and discuss topics related to teaching and learning. During this Extended New Faculty Orientation, new faculty will also be introduced to key campus resources, policies, and support services.

Important SUU Resources:

Organizational Structure of Academics at SUU

Office of the President (Scott L Wyatt)


Teaching and Learning Resources

-          Bookstore

-          Canvas

-          Catalog

-          Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL)

-          Concurrent Enrollment

-          Convocations

-          EDGE

-          Engagement Centers

-             Community Engagement Center

-             Creativity Engagement Center

-             Global Engagement Center

-             Outdoor Engagement Center

-          Faculty Senate

-          FDSF and FSSF

-          Festival of Excellence

-          General Education

-          Grants, see: Sponsored Programs, Agreements, Research, and Contracts (SPARC)

-          Honors Program

-          IDEA Course Evaluations

-          Institutional Review Board (IRB)

-          Information Technology (IT)

-          Jumpstart

-          LEAP Initiative

-          Library

-          Leave, Rank, and Tenure Process

-          Policies

-          Semester in the Parks

-          Southern Utah Museum of Arts (SUMA)

-          Sponsored Programs, Agreements, Research, and Contracts (SPARC)

-          Testing Center

-          Tutoring Center

-          Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Program (UGRASP)

-          Women’s Network

-          Writing Center


Student Support & Services

-          Academic Advising

-          Allies on Campus

-          Athletics

-          Care and Support Team (CAST)

-          Career and Professional Development Center

-          Campus Map

-          Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

-          Dean of Students (Jason Ramirez, especially helpful for issues related to plagiarism and academic dishonesty, as well as FERPA, student conduct, and incident reporting)

-          Disability Services

-          Diversity and Inclusion Center

-          Financial Aid and Scholarships

-          Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative

-          International Student Services

-          Registrar’s Office

-          Risk Management

-          Southern Utah University Student Association (SUUSA)

-          Student Affairs

-          Student Handbook

-          T-Fit

-          Title IX (Ann Marie Allen, J.D.)

-          Veterans Resource and Support Center

-          Vice President of Student Affairs (Jared Tippets)

-          Work Study

University Services

-          Chartwells Dining Services

-          Guest Services

-          Housing

-          Human Resources

-          Institutional Research & Assessment

-          Parking Services

-          Travel Authorizations and Other Forms

-          University Police (Chief Rick Brown)