Strategic Planning

EMP Sub-Committees

Price and Place

  • Jan Carey-McDonald
    Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Kevin Empey
    Assistant Cashier
  • Bruce Tebbs
    Director of Academic Budgets & Support
  • Mitch Bealer
    Assistant VP for Planning & Budget, Finance & Administration
  • Jen Burt
    Professional in Residence Communication


  • Jim McDonald
    Dean, Prof. of Anthropology, College of Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Shauna Mendini
    Dean, Assoc. Professor of Dance, College of Performing & Visual Arts
  • Robert Eves
    Dean, Prof. of Chemistry & Geology, College of Science & Engineering
  • Richard Saunders
    Dean, Library
  • Patrick Clarke Dean, Assistant Professor of Education, School Of Integrative & Engaged Learning
  • John Taylor
    Provost Faculty Fellow
  • John Allred
    Interim Vice President for Assessment & Records

Online Experience

  • Roger LaMarca
    Director of Online Admissions
  • Jen Hunter
    Senior Instructional Designer
  • Ravi Roy
    Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Rob Robertson
    Department Chair, Associate Professor of Information Systems
  • Katya Konkle
    Academic College Advisor, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Mona Taylor
    Director of Academic Support Programs
  • Lynn Vartan
    Associate Professor of Music

Purpose and Promotion

  • Ed Lamb
    Head Football Coach
  • Mindy Benson
    VP Alumni & Community Relations
  • Ben Sowards
    Associate Professor of Illustration
  • Michael French
    Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator, College of PVA
  • Todd Petersen
    Director of Project Based Learning, Associate Professor of English
  • Wade Arave
    Admissions Recruiter
  • Chelsea Buck
    SUU Student
  • Alex Homer
    SUU Student


  • Eric Freden
    Interim Assoc. Dean, Assoc. Professor of Math, Coll. of Science & Eng.
  • Melanee Mariner
    Academic College Advisor
  • Jakob Wimmer
    International Student
  • Julia Combs
    Assistant Professor of English/Director of Composition
  • Jamie Orton
    International Student Advisor, Global Engagement Center


  • Christian Reiner
    Executive Director of Institutional Research & Assessment
  • Bryce Caine
    Programmer Analyst Supervisor
  • Amy Chrisman
    Assistant Director of Admissions for Processing
  • Tom McFarland
    Chief Information Officer
  • Kristin Wiggins
    Academic Evaluator/Information Coordinator
  • Mary Jo Anderson
    Assistant Director of Planning & Budget

Undergraduate Exp.

  • Jeb Branin
    Assoc. Dean, Executive Director of Experiential Learning, University College
  • Nellie Lee
    Financial Aid Counselor
  • Christopher Ralphs
    Director of University Housing & Residential Education
  • Keri Mecham
    Director of Student Involvement & Leadership
  • Brian Fullerton
    Career Advisor
  • Carmen Alldredge
    Coordinator of Services for Student with Disabilities
  • Porter Sproul
    SUU Student
  • Lily Juarez
    SUU Student
  • Kaitlyn Esplin
    SUU Student
  • Bailey Bowthorpe
    SUU Student
  • Hilary Monson
    SUU Student