Strategic Planning

Enrollment Management Plan

In the spring of 2015, SUU contracted with Noel-Levitz to create an Enrollment Management Plan (EMP) that will align SUU with its environment and identify high-impact enrollment strategies. The EMP will align with SUU’s mission and Strategic Plan 2015-22 and will: (a) provide realistic, quantifiable goals regarding recruitment, marketing and student success; (b) foster long-term enrollment and fiscal health and (c) increase campus efficiency through the use of a return-on-investment approach.

The EMP plays a critical role in institution’s strategic planning process. Enrollment outcomes (including various recruitment and retention rates) constitute not only indicators of achievement, institutional effectiveness and student success; they also: (a) determine net revenue and operating budgets, (b) levels of academic quality and range of curricular offerings, (c) programmatic enhancements, (d) academic support programs and (e) ultimately institutional reputation.

There are fundamentally three components of the EMP process: (a) creation of the plan, which focuses on “doing the right things” through identifying what is most needed and prioritizing activities, programs and initiatives that will ensure success (premised on an understanding of how the institution is characterized, differentiated and competitively positioned with a clear sense of what it does well, what it does not do well and what it wants to become); (b) implementation of the plan, which focuses on “doing things right” through employing the best methods and procedures that will accomplish enrollment goals and what the institution wants to become (premised on an understanding of how the institution optimally functions as a coordinated system with maximum campus involvement, engagement, shared leadership and commitment to educational excellence and institutional effectiveness) and (c) institutionalization and systemic integration of the EMP process, which focuses on an ongoing commitment to improvement, by making EMP part of the University’s routine planning structures.

The EMP is led by an appointed EMP Council. The EMP Council is charged with leading the creation and implementation of the EMP and ensuring that it is mission-driven and closely aligned with Strategic Plan 2015-22. Said Council is broken into 7 subcommittees: (a) Price and Place, (b) Academic, (c) Online Experience, (d) Research, (e) Undergraduate Experience, (f) International and (g) Purpose and Promotion. These subcommittees direct planning activities in their respective areas. In addition to the aforementioned groups, the EMP Steering Committee monitors the progress of the Plan and measures the effectiveness of each strategy. A review of the membership of the various EMP groups reveals the broad campus representation for the planning activities.

EMP and Strategic Plan 2015-22 Alignment

It is with conscious effort that the University aligned the EMP and strategic planning processes. For consistency purposes, there are 7 individuals that straddle both the EMP and SPTF. In addition, the SPTF has been invited to attend the EMP subcommittee meetings for the purpose of goal/indicator of achievement alignment. Evidence of this can be seen in the EMP: Sub-Committee Indicators of Achievement with 2015-22 Strategic Plan Alignment. This document shows each sub-committees’ indicators of achievement along with how the said indicators align with Strategic Plan 2015-22. For example, one of the Online Experience Subcommittee’s IoA is online enrollment. The indicators that will measure student success are: (a) number of students in the difference enrollment categories (online only, face-to-face learners taking online courses, general education, Utah residents, age, gender, ethnicity), (b) number of properly enrolled sections, (c) strategic recruitment (partnerships, leads) and (d) online learning branding. The items under this IoA fall under Strategic Plan 2015-22 Goal 1.7: Foster long-term enrollment growth with increased academic rigor through the deployment of SUU’s 2015 EMP.