Strategic Planning

The main goal for Phase 3 was to identify the dominant strategic themes that emerged from the planning exercises and discussions of the prior phase. Said discussions generated a tremendous amount of data regarding stakeholders' perceptions about the University and its future. After thorough of the data, the top ten strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats were identified. Please see the SWOT results below.

Top 10 SUU Constituent Identified Strengths

  • Personalized UG education
  • Employees
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Student experience/residential
  • Access to natural places
  • Welcoming/beautiful campus
  • Small town atmosphere
  • Placement in GD programs/jobs
  • Easy to get involved on campus
  • Full-time tenured professors

Top 10 SUU Constituent Identified Weaknesses

  • Lack of diversity/women and minority leaders
  • Silos/communication
  • Limited student jobs
  • Lack of 1-stop student solution/complex processes
  • Limited class offerings/programs
  • Data structure/campus data literacy
  • Lack of activities/programming on campus
  • Perceived high price/tuition
  • Geographic location/small city
  • Using alumni effectively
  • Perception of being an LDS school
  • Not tracking attendance/success of programs

Top 10 SUU Constituent Identified Opportunities

  • Retention & completion
  • Alumni engagement/community connection
  • Potential for growth/partnerships
  • Reinvention of GE
  • Location
  • Faculty/staff salary increases
  • Online learning
  • SUMA/Shakespeare Festival
  • Civic and community engagement
  • Discipline integration
  • Comprehensive assessment plan
  • Veteran students

SUU Top 10 Constituent Identified Threats

  • Lack of internal communication/turf issues
  • Lack of visibility/image/identity
  • Legislation
  • Other schools expanding their mission/programs
  • Student job availability
  • Aging facilities/infrastructure/technology
  • Growth matching resources
  • Cost (reduced state support)
  • Political correctness
  • Current resource maximization
  • Inner circle favoritism

New core themes were identified from the SWOT analyses. The new core themes are WE: explore, engage and excel. Core theme definitions are as follows:

  • Core Theme One: Explore - SUU affirms that as an institution of higher learning, it must effectively organize and utilize its financial and human resources and provide meaningful quality service while balancing affordability and value. Exploring new opportunities, planning, setting priorities, assessing outcomes and improving the effectiveness of the entire institution is an ongoing process. Central to the organizational improvement process is a long-term financial plan designed to create and maintain learning and work environments that promote accomplishing the goals of the students, faculty and staff. SUU is responsive to the dynamic funding environment in higher education while supporting sustainable first-class facilities on a campus known for its beauty.
  • Core Theme Two: Engage - SUU’s founding exemplifies a unique community and campus partnership dedicated to students, faculty and staff participating in the community in multiple ways. Ongoing programs are directed to expanding and developing SUU’s social, cultural and economic impact in the region and beyond. Engaging multiple stakeholders in SUU’s continued development requires celebrating the past, present and future of SUU and the community, sharing the successes of a supportive alumni, and promoting University and community projects that strive to improve the quality of life in the region. Well-designed and integrated communication plans and diverse giving and recognition programs help support the University and its lasting positive impact on the people and the region.
  • Core Theme Three: Excel - SUU’s distinctive experience-based programs capitalize on high impact learning practices preparing students to become knowledgeable, adaptable, skilled and engaged members of society. Academic programs are designed to be rigorous and coherent. Distinctiveness is expressed by a commitment to student success and by providing personalized and experiential educational opportunities that are continually assessed for their effectiveness. A focus on ethical behavior, inclusiveness, clear principles and values, broadening of social and cultural perspective and a commitment to life-long learning extends to all members of the SUU campus. SUU strives to create and sustain an environment of collaboration and shared governance that supports discussion and exploration of differing views while honoring individual free-agency to reach one’s own conclusions. The University also actively supports faculty and staff development designed to foster excellence and to respond to the changing demands of higher education and the needs of its students.

While the core themes are broad, the core theme strategies, goals, and objectives will be concise. The three Es allow for ease of remembrance and provide a multitude of marketing opportunities throughout the campus community.