Phase 5, Broad Presentation, will encompass hosting forums with internal and external SUU stakeholders to receive feedback regarding Strategic Plan 2015-22. This phase also includes presenting the final Plan for SUU Board of Trustee acceptance in December. In order to give the strategic plan visibility, the plan’s progress will be regularly noted. After the strategic plan has been launched, the Strategic Planning Task Force will meet annually to review the plan’s progress in order to make adjustments, if necessary.

The desired outcomes in Strategic Plan 2015-22 will assist in the determination of SUU mission fulfillment. Specified desired outcomes will be objective-specific and an example of how SUU will track strategic plan progress is below. Colored indicators will be used to indicate the current status of each strategy.

For the 2015-22 Strategic Plan, baseline data will be collected during 2015-16 academic year. Said baseline data will then be used as a starting point to measure success in the remaining years of the strategic plan. In addition to the aforementioned online posting of the Strategic Planning Tracking Mechanism, a report will be created each year addressing mission fulfillment progress. This report will be widely distributed to key stakeholders, such as: (a) faculty and staff, (b) students, (c) alumni, (d) community constituents and (e) Board members.