SUU First Year Experience and Orientation

Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who should I contact about Online Orientation/ Thunder U?

Each incoming student is paired up with an Assistant Coach for Excellence and Success (ACES). These students will be your one on one connection to SUU and the Thunderbird family. For questions, please contact us.

What are ACES?

Each incoming student is paired up with an Assistant Coach for Excellence and Success (ACES). These students are upperclassmen who ensure all your university needs are taken care of. Your ACE will be helping you through your first year at SUU. Take full advantage of their experience, knowledge, and use them as a resource for any questions you might have.

I am worried about my schedule. How will I get the right classes?

Please fill out our T-Bird Takeoff Questionnaire (TTQ). It should only take about 15 minutes to complete. Once you complete the TTQ, we will begin registering you for classes. We will email your fall semester schedule to you by July 1, 2016. We create schedules for students in the order we receive completed questionnaires, so we encourage you to fill it out soon.

I can’t remember what my ACE said I needed to complete. How do I find out that information?

Refer to the Next Steps Checklist in order to know what you need to complete . If you have any questions, your ACE is working year-long to assist you. You can call or email them or if you have urgent questions at 435-865-8578.

Thunder U Questions

Do I need to be at all of Thunder U? Is It required?

Incoming Traditional Students are required to attend Thunder U. Orientation is required for all new students by SUU Policy 6.5, Undergraduate Admissions, V-D-11. Students taking only online classes at SUU are exempt from attending orientation. Non-Traditional Students (over the age of 25, married and/or with children) need to contact the Non-Traditional Center to receive information in regards to the non-traditional track of Thunder U. Transfer students are invited but not required to attend.

What is the difference between an ACE and a Team Captain?

ACES are your personal mentor throughout summer and your first year of school. They will work with you in all aspects of your college experience and can answer any questions that you have. ACES work in the Sharwan Smith Center, Academic Advising office year round. In contrast, Thunder U Captains work under ACES during Thunder U to help mentor and guide incoming students. Captains are SUU students who are involved in a variety of campus organizations with your same hobby/interest.

Do I need to sign up for Thunder U?

You do not need to sign up in anyway for Thunder U! As long as you have paid your enrollment deposit and have been in contact with an ACE, you are already assigned a group. Your group of 10-12 will be based off of the ACE you are assigned and your first choice hobby/interest.

Where do I go for Thunder U?

Check-in for Thunder U will be on the business quad in the middle of campus on August 24, 2017. If you get lost at Thunder U, there will be numerous Thunder U Captains and ACES to assist you as well as multiple help tents around campus. You can always call 435-865-8578 for help as well.

What is the schedule for Thunder U?

We will be posting a final schedule of Thunder U by August 1st. Until then, look forward to a full weekend of activities,valuable information, and connections!